Topics for the 2017 Superyacht Design Symposium

What does the future hold for superyacht design?

From shaking up yacht layouts to revolutionary new materials and concepts, who is leading the way – and how do they see design changing over the next 20 years?

The topics for the 2017 Superyacht Design Symposium have been announced, revealing an exciting and mixed debate that will take place over two days in the inspiring setting of Kitzbühel.

1. The concept - fantasy or reality?

It’s a great idea - but will it ever get delivered?  Do concepts actually advance design, or are they just noise? Do young designers feel they have to produce ever more “wacky” concepts to be noticed, and what’s the point since the designs will likely never go any further. Are crazy concepts good for any industry?

2. The Future Lab

Beach clubs on board, swimming pools in basements, casinos on private jets - these lifestyle choices would have been an alien concept only twenty years ago. How will we have fun and stay fit in fifty years time, and who is developing our future? 

3. Is it time for an interiors revolution?

Which designers are pushing the boat out when it comes to interior design? Do designers play it safe to make sale more likely? Should designers lead clients in redefining how they use space, or should they simply shut up and listen? From lighting to layouts, isn’t it time to be radical?

4. Legend vs. novices

Hear the legends in the industry review a selection of infamous yachts alongside the new minds looking to establish themselves. Witness a conversation between the past and the future.

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