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Boat International magazine December 2015 issue 

"Our working subtitle for this year’s Gift Issue was 'For the man who has everything', because as anyone who has built or chartered a superyacht will know, ultimate design and luxury are qualities that require more knowledge and craft than pounds and pennies, whether it’s Elton John’s piano, as found on the refitted Indian Empress, or a Patek Philippe Grand Complication, every part of which is hand finished. 

Perhaps more important for people who love cruising the world is the freedom and sense of discovery, not to mention the sheer beauty, that the ocean has to offer. It’s not easy to match this experience – we think it might be impossible, in fact – which is why we scoured the world for ways you can add to it, from swimming  with rare spotted eagle rays in a hidden forest in the BVIs, to treating your kids to a re-enactment of a pirate battle on a Balearic beach. One request: if you do any of the above, please take some pictures and send them in!

Sacha Bonsor
Editorial Director

Our inaugural Owners’ Club event at the Monaco Yacht Show was a roaring success, I’m pleased to report. Not at all like my 18th birthday, then, an event about as successful as the Titanic’s maiden voyage. I’m obviously still scarred by the memory, as I was nervy ahead of the lunch. But everyone came, the wine and conversation flowed and no one fell overboard. The venue, 77 metre SilverFast, was perfect. From her gorgeous beach club you could just spy the muscular bow of our cover star, Atlante. Walking behind her on the pontoon provided the best impression, though. 

See why Cecile Gauert quotes Mark Twain in the introduction of her report: he basically said there’s nothing new under the sun. But Nuvolari Lenard and one very particular owner have come as close as it’s possible to get in creating something genuinely fresh with this 55 metre yacht – another roaring success.

Stewart Campbell