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Boat International magazine October 2015 issue 

There are many types of power – financial, political, even personal. For some it’s confined to the home. For the majority of readers of this magazine, however, power often reaches the top stratospheres of society. The key for all of us, of course, is what should we do with it? “The less we use our power, the greater it will be,” said Thomas Jefferson. Our list of the most powerful people in Monaco reflects all types of power – from the florist who Monégasques can’t live without, to the royals who rule the roost. Each of them equally influential; many of them surprising in their obscurity. When it comes to Monégasque yachting power, it’s hard to beat the combined strength of Espen Øino and his partner Sabrina Monteleone, both of whom Stewart and I had the pleasure of interviewing for this issue. Neither of them deem themselves in any way powerful, and both account their influence to the teams around them – the signs of true success.

Sacha Bonsor
Editorial Director

Early September always feels a little like the calm before the storm. Or like an easy cruise down the Riviera before suddenly getting smashed by the mistral. I refer, of course, to the run of boat shows that sees BI staff racking up frequent flyer points getting to Cannes, Monaco Yacht Show and Fort Lauderdale. Monaco stands out from those three. People tell me all the time how sick they are of the place, their eyes rolling and a tut on their tongues. But I love it. It has a real magic, this little principality, infused as it is with money, movie stars, A-listers and oligarchs. And for the boat lover, there’s nowhere like it. Atalante is heading there for the show, as is Madame Kate and the MCY 105. I’m even hoping O’Pari³ makes an appearance, albeit anchored off. It’s also cause for a little celebration – it’s 12 months since we relaunched the magazine. Hopefully I’ll see many of you there. Come by the stand and say hello, and I’ll unlock the drinks fridge.

Stewart Campbell