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Evening laps in the 10 metre swimming pool, a lengthy visit to the spa, a quick cocktail in the underwater viewing lounge before a shower and blow dry, and then dancing till dawn under the stars as the DJ du jour takes to the decks. 

No, this is not your summer schedule in Ibiza, but a few hours in the life of one of our million-bucks-a-week superyachts. We hope our charter issue inspires some of you to take to the seas this summer – from the megabucks brigade all the way through to the more affordable, there really is something for everyone. And for those who are not sure where to start, our detailed guide will help you through. 

As for where to go – well, that is completely down to you. But if it were me, Greece would be somewhere near the top of the list – and while our decision to share its hidden islands is a pledge of true loyalty to our readers, please make sure you destroy all trace of our words afterwards! Superyacht secrets are so hard to come by.

Sacha Bonsor

Our cover star caught me a little by surprise when it first hit the water last year. Boat International’s data guru Raphael, who proudly and justifiably claims the title of world’s biggest boat nerd, had told me there were a couple of multihulls in build in Latvia, but it was still something of a shock to see 53 metre Galaxy of Happiness for the first time. Not least because she was built in tandem with an identical (on the outside, at least) sistership. The merits of trimaran design seem obvious – stability, fuel efficiency, range, minimal draught – but I wanted to know if it all stacked up, so dispatched Risa Merl to Monaco to investigate. 

Something new to look out for this month are our refreshed infographics. We’ve taken a slightly different approach, expanding on our peerless industry data to bring you a fresh look at the state of superyachting (compiled by the best nerds in the business).

Stewart Campbell

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