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“Speed and Style” is this month’s theme, and who better to jump on board than yacht enthusiast, supermodel, entrepreneur, speed junkie and classic car enthusiast David Gandy? 

In a special Boat Life, David gives us a masterclass in both these arenas, from
smashing powerboating records with the Vector Martini team and driving the Mille Miglia with female supermodels to the provenance of the original tuxedo. The self-confessed adrenalin junkie reveals his supercar wish list and recommends the clothes, watches and luggage that every globetrotter should have in his master suite. But keeping on top of the latest tech and toys can be overwhelming, which is why we got Wired’s Jeremy White to curate the newest and best of each: a foldable drone, a shark-deterring diving suit and an electronic surfboard may sound futuristic but they are yours for the taking. As for the ultimate toy – a helicopter – if you are looking for an upgrade we hope our guide helps you along the way.

Sacha Bonsor

Being neither speedy nor stylish, I was very happy to defer to our supermodel guest editor in the selection of much of this month’s content. I did have to insist, however, that we include the Arrow460-Granturismo, a quite incredible (if only for the €2.5 million price tag) silver missile designed by Mercedes-Benz Style. It joins the Aston Martin AM37 and a sports boat designed by Lexus in a wave of boats designed by car manufacturers

Perhaps they’ve finally realised it’s much more fun being on the water? One man who could have told them this long ago is Joey Kaempfer, the owner of 56 metre PeriniRosehearty

If he’s not planing out to his island off the coast of Maine in his Hinckley Picnic Boat, he’s cruising single-handed in his 11 metre Morris sailing yacht, or setting course for the high latitudes in one of the best known boats afloat. I don’t know how speedy he is, but he’s certainly got an eye for style.

Stewart Campbell

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