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Meet the 27m science-friendly eco-explorer ready for a worldwide adventure

22 December 2021• Written by Laura Nicholls for Arksen

Size doesn’t matter. Especially when everything needed to survive three months comfortably off the grid can be packed into one of the most highly specified vessels in the 25+ metre class. Add in the high amount of amenities often found on a much larger explorer, and you have a superyacht with a big presence that beats the competition on almost every level.

The yacht in question is the 27.3-metre Arksen 85. Naval architects and exterior designs from Humphreys Yacht Design worked together with interior design studio Design Unlimited to create a vessel that makes it easy for the next generation of adventurous owners to see the world. As a result, she is a yacht that stands out in terms of engineering, efficiency, range, environmental impact and life-cycle management.

To see the first of the three vessels in action, there is still a short wait until her late summer 2022 launch date. However, once she is on the water, there is already great potential for her to set off in the direction of some of the world’s more far-flung destinations. The Arksen 85’s ability to explore easily in these parts of the world is not least because of her robustness, but due to the support of the Explorers’ Club which is Arksen’s answer to an owner-orientated concierge service that makes sure that owners get the best out of their boats and their recreational time – just one of the many benefits of owning an Arksen.

For example, imagine starting a voyage to discover the ins and outs of the Northwest Passage with southwest Greenland, Alaska and the Canadian archipelago along the way. Having already utilised the Explorer’s Club, there is a perfect plan of action in place and the Arksen 85 is packed with enough provisions to last the six-week trip, plus, a local guide and ice pilot are on their way to assist with navigating. The yacht will be doing most of the hard work, thanks to her hybrid propulsion package and large fuel capacity that has a range of 7,000 nm, the in-built large-scale waste management system, her efficient hull with ice capabilities and the high-tech Dynamic Positioning system.

Whilst on the move, if not already with the help of a guide or nature expert, those on board an Arksen explorer vessel have the potential to conduct scientific research and contribute to a variety of nature-focussed or media projects. The unique interior layouts of the yachts have been devised to house anything from research stations, media centres to workshops with 3D printers, pillar drills and a small lathe – perfect for those who have a mission at hand, want to experiment or simply want to broaden their minds during the journey. The Arksen 85 also has everyday comforts in the form of ​​accommodation that can be configured to include a library, office or additional guest room and laundry and utility rooms. On the outside, the large deck spaces mean that any accompanying equipment – such as tenders, RIBS or small submersibles– needed to complete the voyage can be stored comfortably on board.

Giving owners and their guests’ peace of mind is also a key factor for Arksen, and this largely comes from being capable and fit for purpose, supported by the company’s sustainability credentials. While in Earth’s most remote and pristine locations, an Arksen explorer has a light footprint as the eco-focused design includes a full hybrid power system, solar array for zero-carbon electrical power and more sustainable materials for the interiors (think: renewable cork, natural and recycled fabrics) and low-carbon infinitely-recyclable aluminium.

Arksen is a company that strives to remain sustainable both through its approach to business, careful design of products and partner network. This combined with the product’s ability to meet a variety of purposes and be one of the safest, most robust and highly capable vessels on the market is ample evidence that actually, the notable and sizable efforts made by Arksen really do matter.

To find out more about how an Arksen yacht is built to go the distance in more ways than one, contact the company directly here.

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