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These 3D-effect luxury Italian carpets could level up your superyacht

28 September 2021• Written by Parisa Hashempour for Luxury Carpets

In the world of interior design, there are many elements that have the power to transform any space. When onboard a superyacht, one aspect of the aesthetics that ought to be at the forefront of any yachting interior project is a superyacht’s carpets. Stepping barefoot onto a well-thought-out and luxuriously stylish carpet can make anyone feel different.

Hand-tufted carpets with sculptural forms, geometric silhouettes, or blended colours, can balance the aesthetic of a yacht, complete her design, and provide that all-essential comfort that is so crucial to guests and owners in their pursuit of a relaxing time out at sea.

With carpets fully dedicated to yacht design, Luxury Carpet Studio is one company that knows exactly what a yacht owner needs, and understands just how carpeting can be used to level up the interiors of any superyacht. Especially because the company’s collection of artisanally woven carpets are considered unique for their 3D effect – an elevated texture is created by carving the carpets with each unique design.

Create a bespoke design

The Italy-based studio has yachting-specific collections, but also creates bespoke designs for any given superyacht project. Handmade products are created with natural yarns and innovative technology. Selected fibres are cutting edge, and the specialists boast the kind of attention to detail that is only fitting for an industry accustomed to the best.

Pick from a superyacht-specific collection

With five collections created especially for the yachting world, the firm has a number of pre-designed carpets that can be implemented into a yacht’s interior at shipyards around the world.

According to the studio, the yarns selected are those best suited for nautical use and each carpet is fully customisable with the aim to combine the comfort, luxury and practicality needed for life onboard.

Yacht Program

Yacht Program is a bespoke collection that features geometric, textured shapes, as well as nautical-friendly designs that draw inspiration from ropes and knots.

Deus Maris

Evoking a “marine goddess,” the Luxury Carpet Studio says their Deus Maris collection is paradoxically both sinuous and angular. Textured lines are used to create soft contrasts.


Aqua is a collection that makers describe as a “fascinating combination of shape and raw material,” defining this line of carpets as a real work of art. Miniscule details are added to create a carpet that is not only plush but also intricate in design.


Spheres, hoops and sweeping lines add softness to this collection, where diamonds and blocked-out angular shapes nod to vintage carpets of years gone by.


Geometry and shapes overlap, creating compositions that designers say are “full of passion” in Vitruvius. Shapes come together in a look that acts almost like an optical illusion, working to enhance the surfaces of rooms in which they are placed.

Work with a studio trusted by the industry

With a business unit exclusively dedicated to delivering carpet services to superyachts and cruise ships, Luxury Carpet Studio works with some of the biggest shipyards in the world and operates in collaboration with well-known names in naval architecture and yacht design. Each carpet by Luxury Carpet Studio is certified by Centro Tessile Serico and CSI, centres of international prestige in the field of quality tests and certifications.

For more information on these collections and bespoke designs, visit www.luxurycarpet.it

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