5 reasons why you should buy iconic J Class Ranger

She is the ultimate racing yacht

41.7 metre J Class sailing yacht Ranger is a truly special yacht – not just because of her classic beauty, but because she is the first J Class yacht to be built since their 1930s heyday.

Ranger was delivered in 2004 by Denmark-based Danish Yachts, and – unlike most other J Class yachts – she is built out of steel, and handicapped appropriately within the fleet. As owner John Williams puts it: "If there was a war, the safest place to be would be on board Ranger." The steel hull makes her incredibly sturdy, meaning that on the odd occasion that there's been a collision, the other yachts have come off a lot worse than Ranger. In fact, quite remarkably, in Ranger's 13 very successful years of regattas, she has never suffered any race-related damage. She is also kept lightweight, thanks to her Nida-core interior and carbon-fibre dog house, meaning she can glide through the waves at a much faster pace.

Ranger was built as a replica of the 1937 America’s Cup winner of the same name. This event was the last time that the huge J Class yachts would race in the America’s Cup, hence making Ranger that little bit more special. Like with the original yacht, the team behind the new Ranger pushed boundaries in terms of technology and speed. While appearing very similar to the original sail designs of aluminium and cotton, they were replaced with carbon-fibre to help with strength and durability. It clearly worked, as Williams races her at least four times a year every year, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, and has an outstanding track record.

You can see her in action at the St Barths Bucket here...

Ideal for family cruising

Whilst she is fit for racing, this is not her only purpose – she is also a beautifully conceived family cruiser. Her four staterooms sleep up to 10 guests, with separate access to the eight-person crew area for true privacy. The yacht was built with the comforts of a newly built motor yacht, but without taking away her sailing heritage. For example, the main stateroom has been designed in true 1930s style with varnished mahogany panels, classically opulent furnishings and black and white tiles in the master bathroom, but with modern day conveniences such as air conditioning, hot water and even an Apple TV. With Ranger you really do get the best of both worlds.

John Williams's children grew up on board Ranger and also fell in love with her – having luxurious yet practical interiors, as well as two tenders, means that family time on board is plenty of fun, without any fear of claustrophobia! Plus, her 'floating' interior means that she is particularly quiet, both at sea and moored, with no vibration and little engine noise, which in turn makes her even more relaxing to be on board.

She's a ready-to-charter yacht

Unlike some in her class, Ranger was built with chartering in mind. The idea of rebuilding Ranger first came about when Williams was chartering the restored J Class Endeavour in 1999. He spotted a model of Ranger in the saloon and instantly knew that he wanted this yacht to be his, but knowing she had been scrapped in 1941, a new one would have to be built from scratch.

Having the experience and knowledge of being a charter guest on an original J Class yacht, he knew exactly how the experience could be improved, and how that could be achieved with Ranger's replica. She was therefore built to comply with the requirements of the Lloyd's Register, is MCA compliant, and is also packed with modern technology. It was discovered that the rig could be made both safer and lighter than on the original J Class yachts, which enabled the new and improved Ranger to be handled by a smaller crew in cases of chartering.

Williams has continuously invested in her throughout his ownership – from upgrading spars and rigging, to installing the latest gadgets, and not forgetting the all important touch-ups on the now legendary smiley face on her anti-fouling. This means that whoever becomes the next lucky owner, she is ready to go – whether you want to enjoy her privately or make the most of the charter market.

The perfect corporate tool

One of the primary reasons for building Ranger, was because she would make the perfect environment for corporate entertainment. Williams would often host business events on board, lend the yacht to his associates for them to enjoy – he also found that the sailing events he attended with Ranger provided a great opportunity for networking. Many new contacts and business deals later, it's clear to see that _Range_r has delivered an incredible return on investment for Williams.

There is one word of warning from Williams, however – if you are planning a strictly confidential meeting, you may want to think twice about mooring Ranger in an openly public place. With her America's Cup fame, comes a lot of attention – he fondly recalls a time in St Tropez when he discovered up to 100 people trying to take photos of the yacht. So, you may want to seek out a secluded cove for any private matters!

Be a part of the J-Class association

The J Class association is a club that most sailors can only dream of becoming a member of. With the purchase of Ranger you will be buying into the history and prestige of the association, and will join this elite group of like-minded sailors and owners. Not only does the association provide a fantastic opportunity for networking, but it also means you get to sail alongside other famous J Class yachts such as Lionheart and Rainbow in regattas all across the globe.

Whilst she may have taken four years to complete, Ranger is proof that the best things in life are worth waiting for. The end result is a superb sailing yacht that will continue to race, cruise and be admired for years to come, creating new relationships along the way, be it new business partners or fellow J Class owners.

Ranger is asking $7,900,000. Contact Northrop & Johnson for more information.

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