Indonesia plans policy changes to increase superyacht visits

20 January 2016• Written by Sophia Heath

A superyacht agency is working with the Indonesian government to try and encourage more superyachts to visit the country.

Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS), which is responsible for 75% of the yachts visiting the country, is advising the government on policy developments to help make Indonesia more accessible.

“We are actively working with the government and tourism agencies in changing some of their policies, such as Clearance Approval for Indonesia Territory (CAIT), to attract more private yachts to its shores,” said Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia director, Richard Lofthouse.

“Indonesia has never been easy. When we started APS Indonesia in 2008 it was almost impossible for big yachts to cruise successfully. But as time has gone by we have worked out how to function effectively within the system, because the system has actually not changed a lot.”

Despite the difficulties, some of the world’s largest superyachts have visited the country. Last year three yachts larger than 100 metres went to Indonesia. Hemisphere, the largest sailing catamaran in the world, has also recently been spotted in Indonesia.

“We sincerely support the government initiative to bring more yachts into the country with better policies. But these policies have to be realistic. Indonesia is unlike any other country on earth geographically and thus it is not a simple process,” added Lofthouse.

”Despite the difficulties, I am sure things will improve year by year and, if our clients are a yardstick, Indonesia will fulfill its destiny as the greatest cruising destination on the planet.”