5 of the best beaches in Greece and its islands


Navagio Beach (“Shipwreck Cove”), Zakynthos Island

Yachting in Greece wouldn’t be complete without a little beach-hopping; but unfortunately the busy summer season can mean crowds of tourists. Here is our list of the best beaches in Greece, and how to get there by yacht.

1.Navagio Beach (“Shipwreck Cove”), Zakynthos Island

Navagio Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in Greece, this beautiful cove, with its striking cliffs, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and the haunting skeletal remains of an old Navy boat resting on its shores, make this a must-visit whether on a private yacht or enjoying a luxury yacht charter in Greece and the Greek Islands.

It’s accessible only by boat, so you’ll have to drop anchor and take the tender ashore. Go early in the morning if possible to avoid the crowds that tend to come later in the day. There isn’t much to do here except enjoy the stunning landscape and relax. Shade can be a problem too, so make sure if you are travelling with family you are equipped with the best sunscreen for children and hats.

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Skiathos Island beaches

Skiathos is a small island in the northwestern Aegean Sea, offering many secluded sandy beaches and private coves. Once fairly remote, its popularity has increased since the 2008 film Mamma Mia was shot here, making it one of the top movie locations to visit on a luxury yacht.

The pretty town of Skiathos surrounds its main port, which is small and not equipped for mooring superyachts; you will also need to consider the ferry traffic here. The best option is to drop anchor in one of the coves and explore the beaches by tender, or have your captain drop you off close to Skiathos town and hire a car or moped to explore its coastline. Don’t miss the ruins of Kastro, overlooking the cliffs of Kastro beach. It is all about the beaches here, so ask the chef to pack up a picnic for you complete with lots of water, sunscreen and of course Champagne.

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Paleokastritsa beaches, Corfu

The small village of Paleokastritsa is located on the northwest coast of Corfu, roughly 25km from the main Port of Corfu. Along the coastline surrounding Paleokastritsa you will find around 15 sandy beaches, most accessible only by boat.

You can moor your yacht in one of Corfu’s larger marinas and take a taxi or hire car to Paleokastritsa; the small Alipa Port near the village can also harbour a variety of boats. Your best bet though is to drop anchor and explore the beaches, caves, and the 12th-century monastery, Theotokas, by tender, stopping to swim in crystal clear waters surrounded by steep cliffs cloaked in olive and pine trees.

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Red, black and white beaches of Santorini

Because of Santorini’s volcanic rock foundation, it has several distinctive sand beaches you will not see on the other islands. Santorini’s Red Beach, though a tad touristy, is located near the town of Fira and is easily accessible. Assuming you’ve moored your yacht at Vlychada Marina, you can have a taxi drop you off in the parking lot and walk down the steps, admiring the red cliffs as you head down to the sand. There is an anchorage nearby, so you could also drop anchor and arrive by tender.

Perissa and Perivolos beaches have black sands and get very crowded in the summer — both are full of taverns and beach bars catering to tourists. Anemos Beach Bar is a firm favourite here. This beach is found just a short taxi ride from Vlychada Marina, where you can also explore Vlychada Beach, with its upscale beach clubs and unique white cliffs. For the ultimate in luxury pampering and to make sure you are beach-ready, head to the Notos Therme & Spa Hotel, one of the best luxury spas in the Mediterranean, for a few treatments. There is also an anchorage at Monolithos Beach, which is good for families due to its shallow waters and shaded areas.

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Aspri Ammos Beach, Othoni Island

The charming island of Othoni is located 11.5 miles off the northwest coast of Corfu, and has remained relatively under the tourism radar, although it is now beginning to earn a reputation thanks to its remote white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and mountainous terrain giving way to unique caves and rock formations.

Drop anchor near the western shores of Othoni and take a tender to explore the Caves of Calypso, on the island’s western shores, where, according to Greek mythology, Calypso kept Odysseus as her captive. Nearby is the beautiful white-sand Aspri Ammos beach, surrounded by cliffs covered in olive forests and accessible only by boat. Be sure to take plenty of sunscreen, and something to shade you from the sun. On the Eastern shore of the island cruise by the old lighthouse, built in 1872, where you will also see the remains of a Venetian fortress.

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