4 of the best superyacht anchorages on the Amalfi Coast

Marina Piccola, Capri

It’s not hard to understand why the Amalfi Coast attracts some of the world's largest superyachts every summer. Dotted with secluded coves, clear blue waters guarded by towering cliffs where picture-perfect villages perch precariously, numerous islands and a guest list that rivals a Hollywood premiere, the Amalfi Coast is an ideal destination to explore by yacht. To stay away from the crowds and admire from afar we have put together our top four anchorage’s on the Amalfi Coast.

1. Marina Piccola, Capri

You simply can’t visit the Amalfi coast without a stop in Capri, where celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyoncé are frequently spotted on superyachts . Marina Piccola, located to the south of Capri is one of the most visually stunning anchorages in the area. Legend states that this was the chosen spot where, according to Greek mythology, the Sirens seduced Ulysses. It is not hard to see why, the bay is guarded by a large wall of rock to its left which wards off strong winds leaving a calm and sunny spot ideal for dropping anchor. The water is crystal clear — synonymous with the region — so get out on the water toys, dive off the side of your superyacht or swim to shore. This anchorage lies directly opposite Faraglioni beach and in the vicinity of the famed Capri giant sea stacks.

**Take the tender to : **Fontelina beach club. This delightful Capri Beach Club serves tasty, freshly caught seafood lunches. Run by local family Antonio Arcucci, and Gaetano and Mario Gargiulo, this club is the ideal daytime hangout.

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To enjoy total privacy on your private cruise or Amalfi luxury yacht charter head to the island of Palmarola. Here, on the least inhabited of the Pontine Islands, you can find many a secluded and protected coves to drop anchor. Its rugged shoreline is a mix of caves, towering cliffs, white sand beaches and craggy heights. In fact, the way in which the weather has eroded these cliffs is often likened to an old dilapidated Roman city. As your yacht sails close, see if you can pick out the cliff called the "Cathedral". This cliff, half-swallowed by the sea, has been battered by the elements and now looks as if an old church has been carved into the side of it. Others resemble Roman arches, or crenelated walls of a castle.

If you love to get out into the water then head to the south of Palmarola where the shallower waters are perfect for snorkeling and swimming, look out for dolphins and, under the water; moray eels. The anchorages here are quiet and protected, so having a relaxing day sunbathing while the kids jump in and out of the water is perfect.

**Take the tender to: **The blue grotto. Then get out and get into the water for a truly memorable diving experience. Admire the volcanic rock formations found under the sea here. The underwater life is ok here, but the landscape is breathtaking.

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This busy island is another favourite among superyacht captains. When the wind is strong and coming in from a westerly direction, head to the east side of the island where you can find many sheltered coves. The island itself is very popular but it is still possible to find quieter bays. Procida is by far more authentic and charming than its neighbour of Ischia. From the coastline it is possible to admire its unusual architecture — flat roofed cubic houses reminiscent of the Far East, mixed with small cobble-stoned streets straight out of the medieval era. As with all islands dotted around this part of Italy — the water is crystal clear and the use of motorised water toys is still permitted. So, find your bay (there are so many that once you have had enough of one, pull the chain and head to the next), drop anchor and get out into the water.

**Take the tender to: **Ristorante Vivara. This restaurant on Procida has a fantastic seafront location and offers an extensive menu and wine list. Top tip is to arrive for sundowner’s as the panorama of the sunset is breathtaking.

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La Maddalena Archipelago

These islands located on the northeast coast of Sardinia are largely uninhabited and belong to a national park. The seven large islands and 55 tiny isolottis, which make up the archipelago, boast very quiet bays. The landscape of the Maddalena islands is different to the rest of the Amalfi coast; although still quite lunar, the cliffs aren’t as high and the waters are generally a lot shallower. For a family yacht charter or vacation this destination is perfect. The kids can happily play in the calm waters; the swim to shore is never too tiresome and the beaches are filled with soft white sand. Occasionally it is possible for the chef to prepare a picnic and take it ashore for your own private dining experience on one of the many beaches in the area, Spiaggia Giardinelli, found on the main island of La Maddalena is considered to be one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. To be honest though, there is no one bay that is particularly better or prettier than another — all are of equal grandeur, and the real beauty is if one happens to have another yacht anchored in it, just carry on and find another secret anchorage.

Take the tender to:

The Dolphin Research Centre in Caprera. If you want to discover more about the underwater world, head to this research centre where guests will learn about the different species of dolphin, whales and sharks. Through video, lessons and workshops, guests will get insights into the conservation methods used to help protect these sea creatures.

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