Insider’s guide: 5 hidden gems in Croatia


With medieval cities cloaked behind walls of stone, waters that shimmer turquoise and pink in the morning light, vineyards clinging to cliffs and a balmy summer temperature, it is no surprise that private cruises and luxury yacht charters in Croatia are so popular.

Captain Carl Sputh of superyacht Starfire reveals five of his favourite prettiest ports of call:

1. Cavtat

As soon as you glimpse Cavtat from the deck of your superyacht you know you are sailing into a living watercolour. It’s no wonder artists flock to watch the clouds streak silver and purple at sunset while enjoying a glass from local carafes of wine. Meander through the tantalising town admiring the rural friezes of local artist Bukovac before grabbing dinner at the classy Restaurant Leut with its delicate truffle pasta dishes.

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An island of old ancient forests, gaping cave mouths and the calmest turquoise waters begging to be explored by kayak, Mljet is a rare find on the heavily explored coast of Croatia.

Spend a few hours pushing through the belly of the woods following trails and disappear for a few moments into Odysseus’s Cave where, when the sunlight streams in and soaks up the water, you can see scores of silver fish beneath the surface. Mljet is worthy of its reputation as one of the best superyacht anchorages in Croaita.

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Korcula is a haven of perfect calm with quiet coves that seem to beckon you to plunge into the waters and swim away from your superyacht. Spend a day snorkelling around the bay, wandering the flushed vineyards and shady olive groves, and watching traditional sword fighting dances as you gorge on local charcuterie plates and nutty cheeses fresh from the mountains.

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The Blue Grotto of Bisevo is one of those places that will cause you to blink twice and then rub your eyes in disbelief to check it still exists. Between 11am and noon is the perfect time to take a tender into the stretched mouth of the secret cave and enjoy the electric blue waters.

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An isolated island, a deep cut crevice that hides two beautiful small towns and an enigmatic history as the island was used as a base for the Yugoslav National Army, Vis is certainly a complex crack rising out of the Adriatic Sea. Yet since the curtain lifted, Vis has shown her true colours, a place blossoming with antiquity, tangled vineyards and scores of bobbing fishing boats.

As the sunsets you can sit in the balmy courtyard of Roki’s, one of the best restaurants in Croatia away from your superyacht, amidst the low hanging olive groves and the flickering lights. Fill your glasses with a glug of fine wine, order a hearty shank of lamb or fresh fish stewed for hours in rosemary and garlic and use the homely baked bread to mop everything up.

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