Brazil: charter a superyacht over the FIFA World Cup

30 January 2015 • Written by Nicci Perides

Brazil has slowly been preparing itself for an expected superyacht invasion for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

With all eyes already on the country, certain questions had to be answered such as ‘is the country ready for this’ and ‘what facilities are available to support this suspected trend?’

Traditionally, South America has been left off the superyacht trail but now companies such as Brazil Yacht Services are confirming that the country is ready to join the global charter market. Adam Tarleton, Global Business Development at Brazil Yacht Charter confirmed, “We have, in the last 12 months agented for, and assisted several large sail and motor yachts over 50 m. and their helicopters [charter in Brazil]“.

However, the legalities of superyacht charter in Brazil means that it is very difficult to charter an international yacht in Brazilian waters, which in turn means that the yachts available to charter will be Brazilian.

“Brazil has a small but growing fleet of charter vessels, nearly all under 40m. All Brazilian Flag. Foreign flag vessels may visit Brazil in a privately owned capacity with no problem. That is, an owner may use his/her yacht to entertain guests” confirms Tarleton.

What can we expect from Brazil’s coastline

The Atlantic coast seems like an idyllic destination for a yacht charter with the primary charter area of Angra dos Reis (Bay of Kings) being about two hours south of Rio de Janeiro on the Costa Verde (Green Coast) and, with 365 untouched islands, this area has been likened to the Caribbean of the 1950s. Here, charterers can swim in waterfalls, snorkel in clear turquoise water and explore sleepy villages by horse-drawn carriages, according to yacht expert Chris Caswell.

Match days

For those who are looking to purely follow the World Cup, eight out of the 12 hosting cities are located on the coast ranging from Fortaleza in the north to Porto Alegre in the south.



Marina Park Hotel, and its attendant marina, is located in Fortaleza in the north-east and part of Brazil. The marina can accommodate 150 boats, and facilities include electricity, fresh water, Wi-Fi, fuel, and repair services.


Situated in the south-east part of Brazil, this marina is around 140km down the coast from Rio de Janeiro. There are 12 superyacht berths, and facilities include electricity, fresh water, security, and Wi-Fi, as well as numerous maritime services on shore. There are also restaurants, a spa, shops, provisioning, and an hotel.


This is the nearest superyacht marina to São Paulo, situated near the city of Santos. Facilities include berthing for nine superyachts, with electricity, fresh water, security, pump-out, and Wi-Fi

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil – June 12- July 13, 2014

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