6 must visit spots in New Caledonia

must visit spots in New Caledonia


Captain Michael Gooding, of 39.6m Ocean Alliance charter yacht Silentworld, explores New Caledonia’s palm-fringed bays in the South Pacific.

1. Prony Bay

You’ll find L’Aiguille de Prony (the Needle of Prony) rising to 6 metres below the surface, in 35 metres of water in Prony Bay, south of the main island. It is a cathedral-like structure, with thermal vents that exude life. Look out for the sharks patrolling this incredible site.

must visit spots in New Caledonia


Comprising canyons and chasms, this spot lies to the south west of the main island, on the fringing reef. The outside wall and the pass supports a trove of marine life including purple anthias (pictured). The incoming tide gives the best visibility.

must visit spots in New Caledonia


On the fringing reef to the south of Koumac lies Ilot Kendec, an island with a white sandy beach and the solitude you are yearning for. If you have ever seen a movie featuring a little fantasy island, this will remind you of it.

must visit spots in New Caledonia


This prominent town lies on the eastern side of the main island. It is hardly under the radar but the river gets little mention.It’s a pleasure to travel the waterway early in the morning when the mist is rising from the river and where the high verdant peaks of the spectacular mountains fall right to the sea.

must visit spots in New Caledonia


Few people get the chance to explore this unnamed reef, off the northeast coast of the main island.Thick with pelagic fish and marine life, such as tuna and whaler sharks, it drops off and levels out onto a 5 metre plateau.

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must visit spots in New Caledonia


The path between the tribal villages of Nord Pombeï and Tiwae is an extraordinary hike. It climbs through tropical forest, with only the babble of streams and the shriek of birds to interrupt the silence. Tiwae seems isolated but is only 5km from the road.

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