Insider's guide: 5 reasons to discover French Polynesia on a superyacht

Beautiful remote anchorages

With 118 volcanic and coral islands sprawling across the South Pacific the French Polynesia is a tempting destination to visit with a superyacht.

Stunning vivid turquoise lagoons offer some of the world’s best dives and the islands offer an array of secluded anchorages.

Captain Andrew Burridge of Mondango 3 gives six reasons why you should consider discovering Tahiti and beyond on a luxury yacht.

1. Beautiful remote anchorages

In the spring of 2014, Mondango 3 left New Zealand and cruised French Polynesia for the earlier part of the season.

One of the best challenges was entering small harbours with extensive reefs and being able to create our own private paradise. It was truly magical, especially in the more isolated islands. Having such remote and idyllic settings all to ourselves was a thrill for our guests. At night there are no lights or hue to interfere with the sky and the stars, which is a very special experience.

Mondango 3 is managed for charter by  Burgess and will be available in the French Polynesia this summer.

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Abundant sea life

There is prolific sea life everywhere and the snorkelling is excellent.

In Moorea you can swim with stingrays and sharks in their natural environment without the need for a guide. It’s an incredible feeling to feel these huge rays brush past you and serenely move around you as you float and snorkel in the water.

The sharks were always interesting and we always had sharks around the yacht at night, attracted by the lights

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Endless activities and opportunities to explore

The islands are all very different and have many specific activities to enjoy.

Huahine has the most amazing lagoons inside the reefs, which are excellent for watersports. We arranged for private massage therapists to visit the yacht there, and their professionalism was fantastic.

In Raiatea there is great kayaking with idyllic islands for BBQs, snorkeling and walking.

On Tahaa the vanilla plantations and pearl farms are a “must”.

On Bora Bora try a jet ski tour or hike up the mountain for incredible views over the reefs. A traditional Tahitian BBQ with fire dancers and live music can be arranged on a private Island.

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Fantastic local produce

We use as much local fresh produce and fish as possible. Fresh local fish and seafood purchased direct from fishermen have been favourites on the menus in both the Pacific and Asia. Nowadays, it’s all about the freshest, top quality produce and ingredients, and the ideal is to source these locally to lend an authentic flare to the dining experience on board.

We also research local farms and bespoke growers wherever we cruise which has resulted in some fantastic produce for our very talented chef to work with.

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Good wind conditions

In general the sailing conditions are very good in French Polynesia, winds are ESE to ENE trades most days with a good chance to sail if your trip is planned well.

One of the top priorities for charter guests on Mondango 3 is to experience the yacht under full sail which we accommodate whenever wind conditions permit. The joy of sailing on a large yacht and being able to sail through reef entrances solely under sail is a thrill which all our guests enjoy.

Picture courtesy of Pommeyrol Vincent/

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