Meet the Explorer Yachts Summit 2021 Speakers

Rob McCallum

Founder, EYOS Expeditions

New Zealander Rob McCallum is the co-founder of EYOS Expeditions, widely regarded as the world’s foremost provider of marine-based private expedition services. Together he and his team have planned and managed over 1200 safe and successful expeditions to the most remote and pristine parts of our planet.

An acknowledged expert in deep-water operations, he has led multiple expeditions to the RMS Titanic and battleship Bismarck (5000m), the successful search for Air France 447 and the test program for James Cameron’s Deep Challenger.

Rob was directly responsible for the overall design, management and leadership of the record-breaking Five Deeps Expedition, regarded as “the most ambitious exploration expedition in a century” (Capt. Don Walsh Ph.D). These expeditions add to the long list of world firsts and world records achieved EYOS Expeditions clients.

Rob consults regularly to clients in the private and commercial worlds about expedition vessels, including the partnership between EYOS Expeditions and Damen Shipyards on the design, build and operation of the SeaXplorer range of purpose-built expedition yachts.

He is a licensed aircraft pilot, a PADI Dive Master,  an award-winning Fellow of the Explorers Club (NY) and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in London.

Steve Monk

Managing Director, DG Maritime

Steve Monk has spent most of his life at sea on a range of vessels both sail and power driven. A 22-year career in the Royal Navy through 15 ships saw him rise to Navigator of the Fleet Flag Ship and aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal.

Leaving the RN in 2009 he established Da Gama Maritime, a company providing navigation management and on board crew training to superyachts. An author of numerous safety related maritime articles he can regularly be found pushing Flag States to enhance policy and procedures.

Command qualified, Steve is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation, an Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute and has been awarded Chartered Master Mariner status. Sitting on the Education and Training committee of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners and an active member of the International Hydrographic Office Crowd Source Bathymetry working group, he strives to enhance standards from both a crew and regulatory perspective.

Craig Barnett

Sales Director, Triton Submarines

Working in yachting media for the last two decades, Craig’s role in journalism and editorial content generation has led him from his native Wales, through extended stints living in the Middle East and Florida, to joining the Triton team in Barcelona. Just one dive in a Triton submersible off the Bahamas was all it took to convince him that the team and product are where his passion and professional future lies.

From personal watercraft through to megayachts, and as the founding Editor in Chief of INVICTUS Magazine, Craig has acquired a wide-aspect view of the leisure marine sector, from concept and design, through construction, operation, the yachting lifestyle and interaction with yacht owners, equipping him to contribute to the development of Triton’s communication, global visibility and the generation of sales.

Victor Vescovo

Creator, Sponsor & Sub Pilot, The Five Deeps Expedition

If anyone is equipped to talk about modern day exploration, it’s Texan private equity investor and yacht owner Victor Vescovo. In recent years, few have pushed the boundaries and achieved as much as he and his team, who continue to break new records and contribute a huge amount to valuable scientific research.

Currently the co-founder of Insight Equity, Victor has held many high-profile positions in the finance industry and holds degrees from Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. He also served 20 years in the U.S. Navy Reserve as an intelligence officer, retiring in 2013 as a Commander. His principal duties involved operational targeting (Iraq, Kosovo, and Afghanistan theatres) and after 9/11 he was deployed to support counter-terrorism efforts overseas.

In 2017, Victor became the 12th American to complete the “Explorer’s Grand Slam” which requires climbing the highest peak on all seven of the world’s continents including Mount Everest and skiing at least 100 kilometres to both the North and South Poles.

In 2019, he made the deepest submersible dive in history in the Pacific’s Mariana Trench, while in August he became the first person to visit “The Five Deeps”— the deepest points in all five of the world’s oceans. Victor was also the first person to dive the second-, third- and fourth-deepest points on the ocean’s floor – the Sirena, Horizon Deep and Emden Deep – and made the first solo dive to the Titanic. He recently executed the deepest wreck dive in history at the USS Johnston and is rated as a multi-engine jet, helicopter, and submersible test pilot too.

John Crupi

Consultant/Captain, Rubicon Maritime/Dorothea III

John Crupi is the founder of Rubicon Maritime Group, a maritime consulting firm advising on all major decisions related to boat ownership.

With over 30 years of experience as a professional captain, John’s knowledge and experience have guided expedition programs throughout the world, covering hundreds of thousands of miles, 70 countries and six continents.

While at the helm of the Dorothea programme the mothership either towed or traveled in tandem with a sport fish vessel, John travelled through and fished some of the most remote regions of the world including Central America, South Pacific, Asia, Alaska, Patagonia and most recently a circumnavigation of the Atlantic with stops in Bermuda, Azores, Madiera, Canary Islands, Ascension and Brazil. The 63’ sport fish vessel, Post One, was the first of its kind to complete a journey of this type on her own bottom.

John and Yacht Dorothea III were the recipients of the 2020 World Superyacht Awards prestigious Voyager’s Award.

He has expertise in mothership operations, large tender towing, refit project management, and worldwide travel logistics. He holds a private pilot license and in his free time can be found in the sky or on the ski slopes.

Richard Bridge

Nautical Manager, EYOS Expeditions

Nautical Manager, EYOS ExpeditionsRichard joined the British Merchant Navy after leaving school at 17, working on a variety of cargo ships as a cadet and junior officer before taking a position as navigator on a sail training ship. Progressing to passenger ships in 1991 he attained his Class 1 Master Mariner’s certificate in 1993 sailing as First Officer on Cunard’s QE2. Combining his experience of sailing and passenger ships he joined Windstar Cruises in 1997 and gained his first command at the age of 35 on the company’s MSY Wind Song.

As superyachts increased in size and required unlimited tonnage certification, Richard secured his first yacht taking command of the 126m Octopus for the final stages of the build. He went on to command some of the most prestigious superyachts launched over the past 20 years (115m Pelorus, 162m Eclipse, 96m Vava II, 138m Rising Sun).

He has explored the Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Australasia, South Pacific, Alaska, Patagonia and Antarctica as well as the more usual yachting destinations in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

In 2004 he coordinated a project to find and film the wreck of a WW2 aircraft carrier at a depth of 1000m in the Mediterranean Sea. When not working, Richard enjoys snowboarding, running, cycling and sailing his renovated Oyster 435.

Pete Murphy

Chief Executive Officer, Priavo Maritime Security

Pete Murphy has over 25 years’ experience in global security operations including a commendable service within the Special Boat Service and previously as a Royal Marines Commando. Pete has developed an in-depth knowledge of the threats, risks and hazards faced in diverse environments after gaining extensive operational experience in conventional and covert operations worldwide and specialist skills instructing combat survival, jungle, mountain, and arctic warfare.

Pete also operated as a submersible pilot and navigator, instrumental in proactively developing new techniques and equipment to facilitate the evolving capability of specialist underwater delivery platforms.

He founded Priavo Security Ltd in 2010 and, latterly, the 360 Maritime Security Alliance to provide comprehensive, intelligence led protective services. Pete and his team have directed a diverse range of maritime and land-based security assignments across 73 countries to date. The 360 alliance provides robust and layered physical, electronic, and cyber security solutions for the maritime industry.