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Superyacht experts share top tips for making the most of an adventure

23 November 2021 • Written by Laura Nicholls

With more explorer yacht's in the world fleet than ever before – 724 explorer yachts over 24 metres either in build or on the water according to BOAT Pro – there is no doubt that owners are wanting vessels capable of travelling to more remote destinations.

These yachts are able to give their owners and guests the ultimate sense of discovery, as those who gathered for the Explorer Yacht Summit, held at Monaco’s Yacht Club de Monaco (November 11), know only too well.

While everything from maritime security, shipyard logistics for building explorers to the fragile eco-system was discussed, one conversation that involved Sacha Williams, director of charter marketing, Camper & Nicholsons, Tim Soper, founding partner of EYOS and John Crupi, Captain of superyacht Dorothea III, excited the audience with the following inspirational advice on how to maximise a superyacht adventure.

Use the imagination

To really go ahead with an out-of-the-box travel itinerary, Tim Soper advised “adventure has to be part of the mindset.” Although factors such as lack of time can be a constraint, any plan has the ability to be flexible. “Owners and charterers only need to use their imagination and the yacht can get there,” said Sacha Williams.

Having just put the 126.2-metre Octopus on the charter market for the first time, the yacht's initial itinerary is a good example. Camper & Nicholsons has revealed that Octopus’ first stop is the Galapagos followed by the Pacific Region and locations such as Costa Rica. “There are no bounds to where she can go, so we are allowing our clients to dictate where she goes from there,” added Williams.

However, “not all yacht charters need to be this big,” continued Williams. “We have recently chartered a small sailing yacht for five weeks that can do just as much as a larger superyacht. There is something for everyone on the market.”

Considerations for high latitude areas

“It is often healthy to be reminded that Mother Nature really is in charge,” said Tim Soper. Albeit this is “more true in the high latitudes,” an off-the-grid superyacht excursion is “at the mercy of the weather and conditions,” he added. The solution, however, is to have several plans in place that suit any time of condition or scenario. “Particularly when wildlife is involved, as that is unpredictable,” Soper continued. “The element of surprise is the magic of these remote places, which is possible after spending less than a week in somewhere such as Antarctica.”

Keep adding to the bucket list

Having been captain of Dorothea III for over 20 years, John Crupi has almost seen it all. His suggestion for an unmissable future superyacht destination was Tonga. “It is such a special destination,” he said. “When you can jump in the water with a humpback whale and her newborn baby in the morning, and spend the afternoon catching blue marlin – it is unbelievable.” The captain also suggested a few less crowded cruising grounds such as Argentina and the Azores. “It is a great alternative to the Galapagos and so many cruise right by it!”

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