Archive: 2015 Superyacht Design Symposium topics

Delve into our Superyacht Design Symposium archives to find out more about the 2015 topics.

Plenary sessions

Glass as a construction material: A window to the future

• Technical advances in glass as a structural material – making yachts better

• Mullion rhythm and section

• Heat and weight impact

• Destruction tests – who bears the costs?

• PYC rules

ON THE PANEL: Ronno Schouten, James O’Callaghan, Jacques Pierrejean, Henning Fehrmann and Fiorenzo Spadoni

Audio visual – a sensory experience: What is round the corner?

• Experiential revolution or nightmare in usage

• What do owners and designers expect from AV technology and how can all the stakeholders work together to achieve it?

ON THE PANEL: Ameet Sarvaiya and Hans Konings

Craft and craftsmanship: the building blocks of luxury at sea

• Where art and fashion meets interior design

• Humidity control

• Managing the life of artwork on board

• A rendezvous with luxury – materials and craftsmanship

ON THE PANEL: Rémi Tessier, Adrian Sassoon, Ian Stallard, Patrik Fredrikson and Lady Tina Green

Responsible sustainable yachting: Luxury that is gentle with the environment

• Owners and designers setting an example

• What legacy do we want to leave to our grandchildren?

• Eco – hypoallergenic interiors

• Storage batteries and solar cells

• Water filtration

• Creative use of recycled materials

ON THE PANEL: Vienna Eleuteri, Céline Cousteau, Philippe Briand, Joyce Clear and the owner of 30.48m CNB S/Y Chrisco

Exterior or interior design – which comes first?

• Does the shape of the exterior define the interior or do the requirements of the interior define the shape of the exterior?

• When performance was king, naval architecture came first. With motor yachts getting larger is space taking priority over performance?

• How is the sophistication of land architecture driving owners’ expectations on the performance of interior spaces on yachts?

• Do exterior and interior designers need to be matched up from the outset in order to develop style and practicalities at sea?

ON THE PANEL: Terence Disdale, Andrew Winch, Tim Heywood, Espen Øino and Peder Eidsgaard

Concluding Sessions

A leading architect shares his design philosophy with us along with his appraisal of current yacht design · Boat International’s new Editorial Director throws some light on her first year at the helm

ON THE PANEL: Piero Lissoni and Sacha Bonsor

Technical Workshops for 2015 include:

Designing with glass as a structural material

EXPERTS: Henning Fehrmann and Jürgen Jokat

AV and design

EXPERTS: Maurizio Minossi

Custom, semi-custom and platform – what are the implications for owner and designer

EXPERTS: Patrick Coote, Michael von der Heide and Peder Eidsgaard

Designing for security

EXPERT: Brian Peterman