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19 May 2017 • Written by Chris Jefferies

Sailing yachts offer an addictive on-water experience that can be hard to put into words. To celebrate _Boat International'_s June sailing special edition, we asked six major industry figures to explain what they love most about the experience of sailing a superyacht:

Speaking at the 2017 Superyacht Design Symposium, Bill Duker, the owner of Sybaris, said: “I love being on the water, I love the fresh air, I love the feeling of peace that comes from using nothing other than nature to move you through life.”

For Luca Bassani, founder and president of Wally, the joy of sailing comes as much from what isn’t there as what is there. “I love sailing, first of all because you don’t hear any engine [noise],” he explained.

American naval architect Bill Tripp argues that sailing combines a disparate range of aspects, from design and exploration to passion and speed.

Leonardo Ferragamo](, serial yacht owner and group executive chairman of Nautor’s Swan, adds: “I love the unpredictability of the sea. I always say that you have to know what you’re going towards, but never be afraid. You always have to be prepared, and the sea teaches you to do that.”

“Sailing is a dream,” explains Paola Trifiro, the owner of Ribelle. “You are far from the big masses of people — what could be better?”

Another person well qualified to sum up the delights of sailing is naval architect German Frers, who was presented with the lifetime achievement award at the 2017 ShowBoats Design Awards.

“I love looking into the distance at sea and having the freedom to go anywhere I want,” he said. “Sometimes you hate it, but after a while you will return to sailing.”

Dedicated to the joys of sailing, the June 2017 edition of Boat International is out now.

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