Young Designer of the Year Award 2020 finalists announced

Young Designer of the Year Awards 2020 Finalists Announced

This year’s Young Designer of the Year task asked entrants to design a refit yacht and provide guidance for the owner on how the yacht should be modified to make it suitable for future lifestyles. Proposals for a new internal layout, internal design style, and substantial changes to update the exterior appearance of the yacht were all required.

The task called for imagination and design skill, combined with a look into the future. Read on to see which six young designers the judges have chosen as the 2020 finalists...

Anna Borla

Concept Name: Black Heron

Nationality: Italian

Education: Politecnico di Milano

Designer Statement:

The design of Black Heron has minimal structural changes to avoid an excessive cost, but it has a lot of cosmetic changes and design concepts to create a new modern aspect on the yacht. I wanted to draw more geometrical lines on the superstructure and on the hull, using new colours to give the yacht a better layout, with an aggressive look.

The most important changes are the increase of the volume on the stern and the bow. This allows to create a new Spa and sports area close to the beach area and a new space on the bow, away from the comfort areas, to use it as a garage tender or a big overview relax area when the electrical doors are closed.

The new black lines on the superstructure that seem like big windows, allow hiding the original superstructure and keeping the original portholes. Inside the interiors, I decided to use sliding doors in order to convert private areas into big open spaces. The interiors of the yacht are made of eco-friendly materials, especially wood and glass. Moreover, many rooms have ceilings and floors made of wood planks and recycled textiles for the furniture.

Aristotelis Betsis

Concept Name: KORΩNI

Nationality: Greek

Education: University of Strathclyde

Designer Statement:

Project KORΩNI is the result of the complete refit of project 2020 built by Oceanco. A contemporary exterior design with a new vertical bow and modern earth toned interior styling have been proposed, transforming the traditional styled yacht into a brand new fully equipped mega yacht able to accommodate 14 guests.

The general arrangement has been redesigned from scratch, implementing all of the owner’s requirements. On the main deck; the multifunctional interior space contains a piano saloon, a circular bar/alfresco dining for 14 people, the main salon and the main dining area; while forward you can find the 5 guest cabins (+1 staff). On the lower deck a beach club with a “boutique” garage have been implemented, providing plenty of space for sea activities and water sports. The boat is equipped with a unique amphitheatre cinema and presentation room, a 360 degree view disco, interior and exterior pools, impressive gym facilities (including a steam room, sauna, massage room and sports tv room) and voluminous multifunctional exterior areas with a variety of seating arrangements. The owner is benefitted from an aft view cabin on the bridge deck, with a fully private exterior jacuzzi and seating area.

This will be the ideal yacht for guests who want to experience the most out of the life at sea while being on board a practical, luxurious and elegant mega yacht.

Chris Lane

Concept Name: Hydra

Nationality: British

Education: Ergo Creative/Nottingham Trent

Designer Statement:

Hydra is an 80 metre refit project named after the mythical sea serpent of Greek Mythology and a star constellation from which it derives. The exterior design uses cues from current trends in land and naval architecture to create a dynamic and unique aesthetic which would stand out in the yachting industry. The colour palette and geometric lines of the exterior bring the refit to the modern day, whilst the interior benefits of many modern technologies including smart glass which allows light into areas when desired, or become opaque to create privacy. The yacht also boasts genesis which create electric power to service the yacht and to drive the azimuth pod hybrid propulsion system.

The aft beach club space is a unique area which is centrally divided by a glass walled pool accessed from the aft main deck above. The glass pool brings light into an otherwise dark area which is populated by a wellbeing space which includes a gym, massage room and sauna on the starboard side and a lounge bar and small cinema room on the port side. Two large drop down doors expand the space further to create adjoining bathing platforms and create a seamless indoor/outdoor space.

Luca Abbate

Concept Name: Med Wave

Nationality: Italian

Education: University of Genova

Designer Statement:

Med Wave is a sustainable yacht that has taken inspiration from Puglia’s beaches which are characterised both by a natural environment and continuity between the sand and the sea.

The yachts external lines are sinuous and soft. The lower deck offers an innovative layout in comparison to other yachts of similar size with an infinity pool and a jacuzzi, inspired by "Grotta della Poesia" in Puglia. The owners cabin is exterior facing with the owners deck boasting a private jacuzzi and pool. Nature is the theme throughout the internal areas, in the main deck there is an olive tree - an unequivocal symbol from Puglia's landscape - that can be seen from all the upper decks.

Each aspect of the design considers sustainability, including using hybrid engines. The yacht is able to sail in “Zero Emission Mode” with an electric propulsion, limiting pollution so the yacht can sail in protected areas. The comfort and sustainability on-board has been the main ambition during the refit.

Luca Scarsella

Concept Name: Alètis

Nationality: Italian

Education: Politecnico di Milano

Designer Statement:

The symbolic meaning that I would attribute to this name is a conscious rebirth/refit. Nowadays it’s very important to care about the environment, taking this into account, some features have been added including solar panels and Atlantis Vortex on the top, Windbelt, hidden among the windows and ecological paint for the interior finishes. Small features that together reduce the impact to the environment.

The exterior design is focused on the enhancement of open decks, clean and aggressive lines to ensure that the boat has a timeless character. In contrast with the sportiness of the exterior lines, the interior design would like to be the most cozy, elegant and natural as possible. The accommodation is planned for sixteen guests. The guests sleep on the main deck in four VIP suites and three double cabins. Close to the main entrance there is a cinema/conference area. There are also lounge areas and a big wine cellar. The owners’ deck is the upper deck and features an office, private gym and sauna, outdoor Jacuzzi, sunbathing, a bar with a lounge area and dining area. The outdoor spaces are open to the vision of the horizon and are all convertible to party areas.

Valentin Weigand

Concept Name: Plato

Nationality: German

Education: ENSA Nantes

Designer Statement:

Plato’s key design feature is the dining winter-garden next to a wine cave and an art gallery, ensuring endless nights full of exceptional conversations, Michelin starred food and a mind-blowing ambience. The compartment is transferable into a partly opened area and features a waterfall that leads into the beach club’s pool.

Furthermore, the yacht offers a smooth transition between mental inspiration and a life of leisure, which is magnified in spaces such as the beach club situated on the lower deck aft including a SPA and a fitness centre. When the time is right for a proper party, the main deck aft lounge will be the ideal location - the lounge provides space to dance, sit and chat while the DJ might be delivering just the right vibes - performing from the winter-gardens extendable balcony above.

Subsequently the yachts propulsion can be enforced through fuel cells on a base of hydrogen, ensuring a path directing concept to meet the demand to preserve the planets environment. Overall, Plato offers a platform for physical and mental well-being, encouraging travellers on board to recognise, appreciate and preserve the beauty that surrounds all of us, if having the courage to look up close.

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