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Finkeldei: Yacht furniture so good you'll want to sit down


You know you’re dealing with a company with exacting standards when its motto is “the best is just good enough”.The family-run German manufacturer Finkeldei has held these principles for more than 60 years, creating bespoke upholstered furniture, cabinets and tables, handmade to perfection. The company works with yacht designers, contractors and shipyards across the globe and its quality custom furniture can be found on six out of 10 of the largest superyachts in the world – testament to its talents indeed.

As anyone with past experience of a yacht project knows, indoor and outdoor furniture on board must meet a wide range of requirements to ensure suitability for a marine environment. Harsh sea air, seawater spray, rain showers, changing temperatures and glaring sunlight put continuous strain on outdoor furniture on a yacht, making durability a crucial factor. Fabrics and materials used as upholstery must also be weather-proof, water-resistant and fadeless. Finkeldei is able to combine its experience and technical expertise to find a solution that won’t compromise on style. As well as ensuring low weight, resilience to harsh environmental conditions and adherence to strict safety considerations, Finkeldei promises attention to detail and the highest standards of design, construction and finish.

Finkeldei uses largely traditional handcrafted techniques

For example, Finkeldei recently designed a series of bespoke cabinets, tables and upholstered furniture that met both the client’s demands and strict at-sea regulations. Each piece looked like wood but was cleverly constructed using aluminium frames and coated with wood veneer or a thin layer of solid wood and other non-flammable materials. The elaborate solution resulted in the luxurious look and feel of wood but also worked within industry regulations.

Finkeldei can take care of all the tests demanded by the likes of the International Maritime Organisation for you, and supply records to demonstrate that all furniture and upholstery on board meets relevant requirements. Far more than just a furniture manufacturer, the company offers yacht designers, contractors and shipyards comprehensive services and support for their furnishing projects, from the initial idea right through to the finished product. It also provides a wide range of services for yacht refitting projects, such as re-upholstery, repairs and cleaning, and these various onboard services are available all over the world.

The main saloon on Cloud 9 by Winch Design Photo courtesy of Winch Media

Finkeldei considers its particular strength to be taking the creative and at times complex ideas of a designer and bringing their vision into reality. No request is too challenging for its accomplished team, the reason many of the biggest names in the business frequently turn to them. As a project partner, Finkeldei offers efficiency, flexibility and reliability thanks to its experienced specialists and technicians.

Aside from creating furniture for yachts, Finkeldei also works in the residential sector, furnishing private homes internationally with bespoke upholstered furniture, from beds and chairs to cabinets and tables. Over the years, Finkeldei has developed a large collection of unique furniture designs; all can be adapted to meet individual requirements in terms of dimensions, materials and functionality.

Finkeldei uses only the best raw materials and traditional handcrafting practices. Its aim is always to create unique products of unmatched quality, beyond the already high German standards of craftsmanship. All its products are made in Germany and, should you wish to see the quality of Finkeldei’s work, can be viewed at its showrooms in Nieheim, North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Top image courtesy of Winch Media