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The best foiling water toys for your toybox

16 November 2021 • Written by Holly Overton

If you're looking to upgrade your toy box in 2022, you're going to want to invest in a foiling water toy. From hydrofoil dinghies to powered boards and even foiling bicycles, there are plenty to choose from. Here are some of the best...


Zoom across the water at up to 24 knots with this electric foil board. Made from carbon fibre and aircraft grade aluminium, the Fliteboard can carve through the water like a snowboard in fresh powder, offering a thrilling ride without the need for wind or waves. The propeller, powered by a handheld bluetooth remote, keeps you moving along the surface while a hydrofoil lifts riders out of the water. There are three models available including the Fliteboard AIR, an inflatable option ideal for superyacht stowage. It’s fast, quiet, and emission free, with a 2.5 hour charge time.


Enata Foiler

Part tender, part James Bond boat, the Foiler from Enata offers a unique flying experience in seas up to 1.5 metres. The “fly mode” button deploys the large L-shaped foils on either side, enabling the boat to reach speeds of 40 knots in comfort. The foils and hydrostatic drive pods are retractable to make the boat more compact for stowage. The layout can be customised, but the standard includes a head below deck. 


Flying Mantis

This lightweight carbon trimaran is one of the coolest multihull dinghies on the market. Built for performance, this single hander can dart across the water at up to 25 knots. For beginners, the Flying Mantis can be sailed with a conventional daggerboard, while those looking for a challenge can swap it for a T-foil that lets you carve through the water, transforming it into a powerful foiling dinghy. The hull is 4.2 metres long, but its modular composition allows the outriggers to be taken off for ease of storage on board.



While you may not be able to walk on water, this could just be the next best thing. The world’s first hydrofoiling e-Bike lets riders power across the sea at up to 12 knots. It can be launched from a boat or in deep water and is designed to slice through waves. The perfect alternative to an onboard gym, there are three settings - low, medium and high - so you can set the pace. A modular design means it stows away neatly too.



Meet the Waszp, an extreme-looking foiling dinghy based on the Moth racing boat. It is easy to handle, ideal for beginners and quick to launch and stow with folding wings and retractable foils. Its simple rig makes for uncomplicated sailing and can be set up in less than 15 minutes so you can spend more time on the water.


Starboard Hyperfoil

Taking paddleboarding to the next level, meet the Hyperfoil board from SUP specialists Starboard. The board features a short compact outline and a thick profile making it ideal for beginner riders. Channels along the bottom provide stability similar to a trimaran, while a wide nose and tail give a solid platform to push down and lift up the board. A ridge towards the back of the board allows riders to steady themselves, while a centre ridge makes it easy to identify the middle of the board.


Candela Speed Boat

The Swedish team behind Candela has taken foiling tech to another level. They gathered some of the brightest minds in engineering to rethink boat design and have come up with a lightweight carbon fibre boat that foils at 17 knots. Foils adjust automatically 100 times a second, and fully retract for storage. Oh, and the whole thing is electrically powered (with a range of 50 nautical miles) and comes with a 12-inch touchscreen control and permanent 4G connectivity. 


Lift3 eFoil

The Lift eFoil is the culmination of over 10 years of experience honing non-powered foil boards and started in a garage in Puerto Rico. The Lift3 is the latest addition to the foilboard fleet. It's newly shaped for a smoother and more stable ride but, being small, it is super responsive in the carve. The Lift3 eFoil has up to two hours of ride time with a mix-and-match foil selection and interchangeable batteries. Riders can hit speeds of 30mph, controlling the board with a handheld remote.


The Foiling Dinghy

Get your hands on a little slice of America’s Cup-style foiling action with this clever German-built dinghy. Measuring just 3.85 metres long by 1.58 metres wide, the boat has retractable foils that make it easily stowable. The foils cant automatically, giving you righting moment to windward and lift on the leeward side. It also makes tacking a doddle. There’s no real adjustment of the foils required, so if you can sail a Laser, you should be able to sail the Foiling Dinghy. It can carry a sailor of up to 95 kilograms, flying from 10 knots boat speed. 


RRD Pocket Rocket Y26

Designed for a windsurf or kite rig, this carbon board's shorter length helps it take off earlier, with enough buoyancy to raise the sail. Nifty features include a carry handle on the bottom for launching and recovering the board with ease as well as a handle on the deck for hauling yourself back aboard in the event of being launched into the water. There is also a Pocket Rocket 200 designed for beginner foilers or those who might be in need of a bigger board.