15 celebrity images from Greenpeace's Save the Arctic campaign

Vivienne Westwood

All photos by Andy Gotts MBE

To raise awareness of its Save the Arctic campaign, Greenpeace enlisted the talents of designer and activist Vivienne Westwood to create a T-shirt illustrating its cause.

Tom Hiddleston

As part of the project, photographer Andy Gotts captured 60 celebrities from the worlds of television, film, music and fashion showing their support for the cause by wearing the T-shirt.

Stella McCartney

The images will be on display in advertising slots at Waterloo tube station in London until July 26 and it is hoped that the gallery of images will help raise further public awareness for Greenpeace's Save the Arctic campaign.

Rita Ora

Awareness around environmental causes have received a great boost from celebrities this week, with the Westwood campaign coinciding with Leonardo DiCaprio donating $15 million to animal, ocean and environment charities.

Naomi Campbell

The campaign aims to prevent oil drilling in the Arctic and is backed by a petition with more than 7 million signatures.

Pierce Brosnan

It is thought that such drilling could limit the habitats of native wildlife or result in damaging oil spills which would pollute the surrounding waters and create yet another threat to the world's oceans.

Kylie Minogue

Andy Gotts was joined by Vivienne Westwood, Sadie Frost, and model Leebo Freeman when the images were unveiled on Monday (13 July).

Kate Moss

Westwood and Gotts met when the photographer shot the fashion designer for a project named iCons, which he was creating for Elton John.

Judi Dench

Gotts describes Westwood as 'a remarkable woman' and says they came up with the idea for the T-shirt campaign after naturally clicking on set.

Hugh Grant

Westwood drew on her extensive fashion contacts for the shoot, which features top British models Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Lily Cole and Alice Dellal, while stars including Coldplay singer Chris Martin, George Clooney, Tracey Emin and Nicole Scherzinger were keen to show their support.

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