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The Best Summer Scents For Men

12 August 2020

It is a given that no superyacht owner should be without a great sea-inspired scent but if you like your fragrance wardrobe to be as varied as your life then investing in a delicious scent for every season is a must. Summer is all about bright, clean notes evoking the joy of longer days and the promise of warmer weather – here are some of the best summer scents for men to buy now.

Creed Silver Mountain Water

Inspired by the rush of alpine waters as the snow begins to melt at the start of spring, this crisp scent for Creed has notes of citrus, tea, blackcurrant and ambergris.

Silver Mountain Water, £215 for 100ml

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Elegantes Heart

Described by the brand as a 'three-piece suit of a fragrance', Heart by London-based Elegantes blends fresh, bright notes of geranium and bergamot with the masculine aromas of tobacco, myrrh and rum for a well-rounded scent perfect for any occasion.

Heart, £2,350 for 200ml

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Colonia Futura EDC

An exciting new addition to the Colonia collection, the Futura is the first to be made with 99% natural ingredients. It's a bright, everyday fragrance perfect for the warmer months, with refreshing notes of citrus, bergamot and lavender. 

Colonia Futura EDC, £110 for 100ml

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Clean Reserve Sel Santal

Looking for something a little subtler than zingy citrus or floral scents? Clean Reserve’s Sel Sental combines an unusual salty tang with notes of fig, hazelnut cream, iris and nutmeg for an understated, oceanic fragrance.

Sel Santal, £82 for 100ml

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Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi

Capturing the first warm days of spring on the Amalfi coast, this popular scent from Tom Ford bottles the essence of Italy’s most famous shoreline with notes of citrus, mint, thyme and wildflowers.

Mandarino di Amalfi, £395 for 250ml

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Diptyque Do Son

Blending tuberose and orange leaves with pink peppercorns and musk, this classic Diptyque scent elegantly masters the balance between floral and masculine.

Do Son, £70 for 50ml

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Bleu de Chanel EDP

For a more intense summer evening scent, Bleu de Chanel is one with great depth that you'll appreciate on warm nights. It has a wonderful blend of amber woods with citrus and subtle spice that lingers nicely. 

Bleu de Chanel, £84 for 100ml

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Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia

About as fresh and clean as fragrances come, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua Celestia moves through notes of mint, lime and blackcurrant before finishing with gorgeous floral notes of Provencal mimosa absolute.

Aqua Celestia, £117 for 70ml

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