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7 Fine And Rare Wines To Try This International Wine Day

22 May 2020• Written by Kelly Sullivan

As if we needed an excuse to celebrate wine! International Wine Day gives us the opportunity to share some truly special releases from some of the best wineries from around the world and we've got some exciting bottles to share.

We're lucky to live in an era in which such fine and rare wine can be easily accessed online, be it via auction at Christie's or through private trading plaforms such as Berry Bros and Rudd's BBX. We continue to be privy to the ever-changing trends in wine, such as advancements in technology, sustainable practices or the challenge of producing lower ABV wines for millennials. It's a never-ending path of discovery and if you're someone who loves wine, this is a blessing.

Some of the best vintages come from age-old wineries which are old-hand at producing fine wine and sticking to methods perfected over decades, even centuries. Rare and fine wines are so because they demonstrate the integrity of their contents and the craftsmanship behind it, bettering with age and limited in number, often laid down for decades.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some exciting rare wines to try this International Wine day (25th of May) and any other day for that matter.

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Rare Le Secret High Jewellery

Designed in collaboration with French jeweller Mellerio and filled with Champagne from the 1997 vintage, this exclusive release of only 10 bottles is one for every collector's arsenal. Having been ageing unbeknown to the public for over 20 years in Régis Camus, the Champagne has been nestled in the Cellar Master’s private cellar.

The bespoke magnum comes housed in a mirrored presentation box inspired by the ones Mellerio used to present jewellery to Marie Antoinette. No two bottles are quite the same, each featuring a gold brooch with 510 diamonds though a different precious stone on each one. Said brooch can be removed for wear and as a keepsake when the bottle’s contents have long gone.

To get your hands on one of these exclusive bottles email Liberty Wines at

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Luce della Vite, Luce 2017

In celebration of 25 years of this Super Tuscan, Luce has released a beautifully designed bottle of its 2017 vintage. Luce is the brainchild of two wine powerhouses, stemmed from when Vittorio Frescobaldi joined forces with Napa wine icon Robert Mondavi to create a wine that emulates the terroir in its finest form. This bottle is a lovely slice of heritage from two of the industry's greats and this particular vintage showcases some well founded flavours and elegant tannins.

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Tenuta di Trinoro 2017

Try this wine now and no doubt you’ll enjoy it, though cellar it for a few years (significantly less on a superyacht) and you’ll reap the rewards of patience. A blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, the structured tannins in Tenuta di Trinoro and the depth of flavour are apparent from the offset. Even in its youth, it gives a great sense of the complexity and hints at how this wine will flourish in the years to come, with concentrated flavours of leather and spice already nicely developed.

If you can't get hold of the 2017 vintage, you can get the 2016 bottle here.

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Louis Roederer Vinothéque 1996 Cristal Blanc

Another secret cellaring revealed, though this time by Louis Roederer. If you love Cristal then you'll no doubt want a slice of this action. The rarity of this vintage means there's high demand and with only 500 bottles available, Cristal fans need to be be quick if they want a sip of this stone fruit and citrus wonder.


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Biondi Santi 2012

From a vineyard and winemaker with integrity, Biondi Santi has always stuck with tradition, remaining true to their Brunello di Montalcino style over the years to create reliable, superior wines. This 2012 Biondi Santi is a special release edition of the last vintage released by the late Franco Biondi Santi. The label commemorates the revered winemaker and the style emulates the terroir, as he preferred. Its timely release means this vintage is perfect for drinking now.

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Domaine Jacques Prieur Montrachet 2017

This is an exciting vintage from an iconic wine producer. Made of 100% Chardonnay, this prestigious bottle reaps the benefits of prevailing sunshine one particularly warm summer. Having endured 22 months in oak barrels and malolactic fermentation, it no doubt carries hints of classic Chardonnay traits though it promises more complexity in the form of menthol and spice, balance and roundness with plenty of longevity.

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Le Mortelle Antinori Toscana Ampio Delle Mortelle 2016

Only the second vintage from this Tuscan vineyard, this wine is a blend of blend of Carménère, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from Le Mortelle’s finest vineyards. Terroir-expressive, this vintage promises herbaceous and floral notes, nuanced with rich chocolate and tobacco developing into a persistent finish of blueberries and cocoa.

Only 6,600 bottles of this vintage are available to buy and it's one that will continue to do well when laid down a few years.

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