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June: The bracelet that will stop you getting sun burnt
2015-05-21By Zoe Dickens

No matter how vigilant you are about applying sunscreen and covering up, no-one is immune from realising far too late that they’ve spent too long in the sun. This is especially true on a yacht, where the sea breeze and on board swimming pool can stop you feeling the true heat of the sun.

The stylish June bracelet. Image by Mathilde Jouannet.

This is where June comes in. Developed by Netatmo, a technology company which specialises in monitoring environmental conditions the eye cannot detect, the bracelet’s UVA and UVB sensors give an accurate measure of your sun exposure so you always know when you’ve had enough.

The bracelet also connects to a phone and tablet app which takes into account your skin type to calculate a safe level of daily UV exposure. The app will send you notifications throughout the day, reminding you how much sun you’ve had, when to reapply sun cream, what SPF to use and when to wear sunglasses or a hat.

Better yet, unlike a lot of wearable technology, June has been designed to fit seamlessly into your style. Available in gold, silver or gunmetal versions, the leather straps makes June suitable for wear by both men and women. There is also the option of switching to a silicone band for sports activities – ideal if you’re fond of a morning yoga class on the sundeck.

June UV monitoring bracelet, €129, Netatmo



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