7 superyachts given as gifts

Roman Abramovich gifts Vladimir Putin Olympia

Finding the perfect gifts for the hard to buy for is no mean feat and, if you're buying for a superyacht owner, there's no denying the bar is set pretty high. So what to get for the person who has everything - including an amazing superyacht? Why one that's even bigger and better of course. Here are six stories that prove superyachts really do make the ultimate gift...

Roman Abramovich gifts Vladimir Putin Olympia

While gifting a yacht to a loved one may be the ultimate act of generosity, buying a beautiful Feadship for the new leader of your country suggests a rather different goal. This week rumours have circulated that Roman Abramovich, who famously owns the second largest yacht in the world Eclipse, gave Russian president Vladimir Putin the 57 metre Olympia when he was elected in 2002 - the same year the yacht delivered.

The claims come among accusations of corruption and embezzlement against Putin, which include reports he gave large sums of state money to friends and used government funds to run and maintain the yacht. While Putin has strongly refuted the claims, Ambramovich's representatives have said only that the claims are 'unsubstantiated' but have not denied the transaction took place.

Johnny Depp renames yacht after new wife Amber Heard

In February 2015 rumours circulated that Johnny Depp had renamed his 46 metre superyacht Vajoliroja to Amphitrite as a present for new bride Amber Heard. The yacht’s former tongue-twister of a name was an abbreviation for the names of his former partner Vanessa, himself and their children Lily-Rose and Jack.

However, Boat International believes that Vajoliroja was actually sold long before Johnny Depp’s wedding – we ran a story about Vajoliroja being listed for sale in February 2013 – and it was her new owner that chose to rename her.

The rumours began due to the belief that new name is a nod to Amber, with Amphitrite being the ancient Greek goddess of the sea, the wife of King Poseidon. Regardless of the truth behind the story, it's hard to deny that this is a highly romantic gesture - even if renaming a boat does go against some of the strangest sailor superstitions.

Buster Keaton gives wife yacht Canim to save marriage

Some people resort to bearing children to save a marriage, for the case of silent screen star Buster Keaton, he tried giving his wife a yacht to keep his marriage afloat. It’s claimed that actor Buster Keaton gave the yacht  Canim to his wife Natalie Talmadge, the daughter of a prominent LA family and the sister of actress Norma Talmadge. He reportedly bought the yacht in an effort to make Natalie happy and save the marriage, but sadly, it didn’t work and she took both the yacht and his fortune in 1932.

Canim wasn’t built for Buster Keaton originally – the 1930 33 metre Ted Geary-designed Canim was commissioned for the publisher of the Seattle Times. Happily, Canim still sails today with an owner who has a passion for classic yachts.

Horace Dodge gives daughter superyacht SS Delphine

The automotive manufacturer magnate Horace Dodge spared no expense when buying a present for his daughter - the 78.5 meter superyacht SS Delphine. The largest steam ship ever built in the United States was built for and named after Horace Dodge’s daughter, Delphine.

The yacht went from society scene-stealer on the Great Lakes in the 1920s to serving as a in the US Navy in World War II. She has since been lovingly restored and was recently sold to an historically inclined owner.

Owner of Atomic builds yacht in secret as present for his wife

Building a boat in secrecy from your wife can be a risky prospect, but it’s one that paid off for the owner of the Sunrise Yachts 45 metre  Atomic. The yacht was delivered in October 2014 by the Turkish builder, and it was on what seemed like a simple family holiday in Turkey that her owner disclosed his trickery.

For the big reveal, he orchestrated to have the yacht pull up while the family dined at a beachfront restaurant, and he innocently asked his wife if she liked the yacht – another risky move, what if she said no? But luckily his 12 months of furtiveness paid off, and the family now enjoys a beautiful new yacht.

The full-displacement, steel-and-aluminium Atomic stands out with a bold red racing stripe and detailing against her white paint job. Her interiors are by Franck Darnet, who also did the interiors for hull No 1 in the Sunrise Yachts’ 45 metre series, but gave Atomic’s a completely different look, featuring contemporary styling, light woods and bold colours.

The two owners of 2 Ladies surprise their wives with the gift of a new yacht

Atomic’s owner isn’t the first to surprise his wife with a new yacht. Two owners beat him to it, surprising both of their wives with a new yacht - the aptly named  2 Ladies.

Built by Rossinavi and designed by Frank Mulder, 46 metre 2 Ladies was delivered to Slovak owners who the yard reports as being some of the most discreet they had ever seen. This was the first yacht for the two owners, who waited until the launch and christening ceremony to present it to their wives.

The yacht is designed for equitable cruising with the two couples and is also available for charter. To this aim, the layout allows for equally spacious master suites – one is found on the main deck, and one of the upper deck, aft of the bridge, and each has access to the saloon on that deck.

The gift of anti-seasickness with SWATH yacht Silver Cloud

What’s more romantic than ensuring your loved one doesn’t get ill when sharing your love of cruising? It would seem the owner of 41 metre  Silver Cloud, the first SWATH to be built at Abeking & Rasmussen, would go to any length to make sure his wife would be comfortable at sea – including giving her a new yacht that’s designed to prevent seasickness.

Built for US owners Alex and Renate Dreyfoos, the SWATH hull, which affords excellent stability, allows them to cruise comfortably as they log thousands of miles and the unusual vessel is also a head-turner.

Abeking & Rasmussen has more SWATH superyacht designs up its sleeve and the success of Silver Cloud begs the question, are SWATH platforms the ideal superyacht design?