The best all-terrain vehicles for explorer superyachts
2018-10-17By Sam Fortescue

Different destinations require different modes of transportation. Heading to the Amalfi coast for summer? They you'll want to be zipping around on a Vespa or driving something sporty and convertible. Monaco requires one of the best new supercars and ever so occasionally something bulletproof might be in order. However, if you're a yacht owner with a penchant for exploration then being prepared for anything pays - and these all-terrain vehicles do just the job...

Gibbs Quadski

Jet ski or quadbike? Or both? Just flick a switch and four all-terrain wheels fold out of the watercraft fuselage. Manages 72km/h on water and land.


Ripsaw EV3-F4

Wow your friends and truly go anywhere with the world’s most coveted and capable off-road vehicle. Lightweight and tracked for ultimate performance.

From $500,000,

Textron Alterra 700 XT EPS

With a 695cc engine, 28cm of ground clearance and 25cm suspension travel, this is a well-balanced ATV – part workhorse, part off-road explorer.


Yamaha YFM700R SE

With manual transmission and a powerful 686cc 4-stroke engine, this is a high-spec, high-speed racing ATV. Not for the faint-hearted.


Argo Avenger 8X8 750 ST

A muscular eight-wheel version of the larger-than-life amphibious ATV, capable of carrying four people on water or six on land.