Video: Did you spot this pro-flyboarder on the French Riviera?
2015-07-27By Zoe Dickens

Released a few years ago, flyboards have quickly become one of the best water toys for children and adults alike. Comprising of a board with a set of attached boots powered by a strong water hose, it is now not uncommon to find these small, lightweight and utterly thrilling gadgets in many superyacht toy boxes.

Damone Rippy shows off his skills

Relatively easy to master – experts recommend only around 30 minutes of instruction – if you’re anchored in a superyacht hotspot you are now more than likely to see someone hovering a few stories above the water. However, if you happened to be on the French Riviera last week, you may have been treated to a rather more spectacular show.

Filmed by FlyCaptain, a group of fly and hoverboarding enthusiasts, the video below shows the current North America Flyboarding Champion Damone Rippy showing off his skills among the many superyachts currently at anchor off Cannes.

Performing tricks, flips and spins, Rippy demonstrates why he is at the top of the flyboarding game as guests on neighbouring boats look on in amazement. The film also sees Rippy head to Ile Saint Marguerite, Ile Saint Honorat and Juan les Pins to allow as many superyachts as possible to see the show.

All set to a backdrop of crystal waters and azure skies, if the flyboarding tricks aren’t quite enough, the video also gives avid yacht spotters a chance to show off their knowledge. How many yachts captured in the film can you name?



Piriou |  76.6 m |  18 guests |  €79,500,000


Custom |  50 m |  12 guests |  €8,900,000


Holland Jachtbouw |  39.95 m |  6 guests |  €7,950,000


Feadship |  44.65 m |  10 guests |  €16,900,000


Azimut |  34.4 m |  12 guests |  $11,500,000