Workout of the week: EMS training at E-Pulsive

12 July 2017By Zoe Dickens

Our new workout of the week series delves into the newest fitness trends, classes and technologies and explores the latest wellness movements to help you get ship shape for your next superyacht vacation. This week Zoe Dickens tries out EMS training with E-Pulsive.

The basics: Desperate to get in shape for your Med season vacation but having trouble squeezing long gym routines into your busy schedule? E-Pulsive uses innovative Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) apparatus and promises the results of a 90-minute workout in just 20 minutes.

The ideal workout for time-strapped yachties

What they say: “EMS training is used to improve the body's muscle structure, which will encourage weight loss, body toning, endurance, metabolic acceleration and/or improved health for the back and joints. While conventional workouts usually engage only 50% of all muscles, EMS allows up to 98% of all muscles to be targeted. Each single EMS session can burn up to 500kcal and noticeable results can be seen after just four sessions.”

What’s it like: Honestly? Unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I went in not sure what to expect and, frankly, I was a little skeptical — could it really deliver the benefits of a 90-minute workout so quickly?

On arrival I was asked to change into special workout gear designed to conduct electricity and fitted with an EMS suit comprising a vest resembling a bulletproof jacket and straps around my upper arms and thighs which are attached via cables to the EMS machine. I was then given the choice of a strength workout aimed at muscle toning or a cardio workout for weight loss. Choosing the former I then embark of a series of squats, leg raises and sit ups with the machine using electrical pulses to force my muscles to contract for four seconds followed by a four second break.

Mobile sessions can come to your home or office

My trainer sets the volume low to ease me in and the feeling is in akin to a strong vibration. However, as the intensity is turned up throughout the session, the sensation of muscular stimulation becomes more and more apparent with even simple movements such as arm raises becoming incredibly difficult.

After 20 minutes I was exhausted and, with the consequent muscle aches taking more than four days to subside, my skepticism was well and truly banished. After all, if it’s good enough for Usain Bolt, it’s good enough for me.

E-Pulsive’s EMS training is available at its London studio and mobile sessions can also be brought to your home or office with prices from £75 per session. Visit to book.