Porto Montenegro teams up with Seabin Project
2017-03-29By Zoe Dickens

Porto Montenegro has become the latest superyacht marina to team up with revolutionary ocean cleaning initiative the Seabin Project to help protect the seas against the effects of manmade waste.

Initially developed and tested at the Real Club Nautic Marin in Palma Mallorca, the Seabin is one of the top gadgets helping save the oceans and works by sucking water through a natural fibre bag attached to a floating dock. The bag catches rubbish, oil, fuel and detergents floating in the water allowing them to be safely disposed of before they reach the open ocean.

Porto Montenegro has teamed up with Seabin Project

The Seabin was created through a crowd-funding campaign started by Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski to replace the expensive and inefficient ‘trash boats’ which are currently the main solution to rubbish found in ports and marinas. This new partnership with Porto Montenegro will largely focus on the technical development of the Seabin and will see a new Global Pilot Programme set up at the Knightsbridge International School in which students will analyse the debris collected by the Seabins and use the data to learn more about the issue of ocean plastic pollution.

Currently still in their beta phase, the Seabins will become available for commercial purchase in mid-2017 and each will be supplied with the data collected through Porto Montenegro’s pilot programme. It is hoped that by supplying this information ports and marinas around the world will join the data and research programmes in place and help join the fight against the biggest threats facing the world’s oceans.

“For the team at Seabin, this forward thinking, pro-active and environmentally conscious marina is both an ideal partner and location to test and trial the V5 Seabin and also to further develop innovative technology and programs,” explained Pete Ceglinski.

“As a progressive world-leading superyacht marina, Porto Montenegro is excited to be teaming up with the Seabin Project as a pilot partner,” added marina director Tony Browne. “Maintaining a clean and rubbish free marine environment has always been an important focus for Porto Montenegro. Partnering with Seabin Project allows us to not only improve our waterborne refuse collection methods, but to also become part of a bigger environmental initiative by way of educating the next generation in the importance of environmental awareness, and recycling/upcycling of existing refuse.”