Inside the Westport Owners' Weekend in Maine

The guests

Westport Yachts hosted a fun-filled weekend in Boothbay Harbor, Maine July 26 to 29. Ten yachts, their owners and guests, were rewarded with sun, warmth and a schedule of fun activities.

Pictured: Herb and Sandy Aman, Terri Wesselman, Julien Patterson, David and Margie Zenor

The guests

A game of golf took place at Boothbay Harbor Country Club, an award winning 18-hole golf course on a beautifully landscaped hilly terrain.

Pictured: John Lawson, Taylor Lawson, Jack Lawson and Jacques McGranahan

The guests

Westport’s guests tasted oysters from the Damariscotta river, a delicacy that has been enjoyed locally for thousands of years.

The guests

A cocktail overlooking the course at Boothbay Harbor Country Club preceded dinner.

Pictured: Tess Lawson and Jacques McGranahan

The activities

A few penalties for speeding were issued after a spirited kayak race through Boothbay Harbor.

The location

A boat excursion to the Cuckolds Lighthouse is a must do in Boothbay Harbor. Decommissioned a few years ago, the lighthouse was turned into an inn with rugged charm.

The guests

The welcome cocktail, served dockside, at the Boothbay Oceanside Golf Resort.

Pictured: Suzi Lustgarten, Casey Hagiwara, Paul Coloumbe and Scott Lustgarten

The guests

Pictured: Johnny and Betty Maniscalco, Donna and Dan Stevenson

The yachts

Sunset on Boothbay Harbor. Pictured are three of the yachts that attended the weekend.

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