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Benetti's B.Century 75m

5 questions with Giovanna Vitelli: Azimut | Benetti chair on its highly-customisable superyacht range

11 April 2023 • Written by Laura Nicholls

This year, the Azimut | Benetti Group is celebrating its 150th anniversary and an annual turnover of around €1.2 billion. Within the group, the Benetti brand – or The House of Yachting – accounts for more than 360 of the 24m+ superyachts on the water today, according to BOAT Pro.

Two of these superyachts – the 67-metre Triumph and the 63-metre Artisan (ex: Metis) – belong to a range of innovative yachts designed specifically for comfort and functionality. Named the B.Century family, this range leaves nothing to be desired, and a keen advocate is Azimut | Benetti Group executive president, Giovanna Vitelli. Here, she shares more about the deeper meaning behind the B.Century brand.

Giovanna Vitelli

Why was the B.Century family created?

The B.Century family was created by Benetti as a new model series that builds on the success of the 63-metre yacht Artisan (ex: Metis) delivered in 2019 to an exterior design by Giorgio M. Cassetta and Bannenberg & Rowell Design interiors. The originality of this design when she was launched was something we couldn’t ignore. She was a custom yacht with a very elaborate interior design – a concept we leveraged into a new series.

The B.Century series is meant to embody the core philosophical principles established by Artisan, but with a more organic and sculpted look and feel. The B.Century series comprises five models with an LOA ranging from 55 metres to 75 metres. Although the platform is the same the chances for customisations are incredible; that, together with the timeless, elegant design, makes B.Century one of the most successful lines ever built by the shipyard in this size range.

Jeff Brown

What is the target market for the B.Century line?

The B.Century family was specifically designed to meet the needs of luxury yacht owners that are looking for a high-end, customisable yacht that can be tailored to their exact specifications. We understand that buyers of luxury superyachts do not want to compromise on comfort, beauty, and function. We also know that buyers don’t often want to wait for their delivery, so a Benetti B.Century yacht comes with shorter delivery times. On average, a B.Century yacht can be delivered within three years. The construction of Artisan, for example, began in January 2016 and was nearly completed by the end of 2018.

How many B.Century yachts are on order or in build?

Out of the 58 upcoming deliveries we have planned at Benetti, there are two new B.Century superyachts currently under construction at our Livorno warehouse.

Jeff Brown

How has the B.Century line been made to stand the test of time?

The yachts in the B.Century line all feature a timeless look, characterised by clean, uncluttered lines with a profile that encapsulates the undulating “wave”. This design is very typical of a Benetti superyacht and visually looks pure and well-balanced. At the same time, these models all offer a level of functionality unseen before – something that experienced owners will certainly recognise and appreciate.

Great attention went into designing the exterior areas so that they could offer plenty of spaces for relaxation and conviviality in close connection with the surrounding environment. These areas are unique in design and, in our opinion, futureproof, as generations to come will appreciate the upper gym deck, the touch-and-go helipad and the huge owner’s apartment with a panoramic terrace.


To what extent can these yachts be built bespoke?

The B.Century family was created to offer owners no limits when it comes to customisation – so much so that the design of the B.Century 55M includes the option to add another deck. This level of customisation allows yacht owners to create a truly unique and personalised vessel that reflects their personal style and preferences – without the delivery time being affected. The B.Century line has quickly become the first choice for experienced owners who know what they want from a yacht.

To find out more about the new and existing Benetti fleet of superyachts, contact the yard directly here.