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Ocean Alexander reports double-digit growth and few 2024 build slots open up

15 February 2022

The demand for Ocean Alexander’s top-selling yachts is reaching an all-time high. In just three months during 2021, the builder reported the sale and delivery of eight brand-new yachts to owners across the globe. Since then Ocean Alexander has introduced three additional models to expand its range of 25 to 37-metre yachts that after just four months, are already sold out for the near future.

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The 35R debuted at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Plenty is going on for the family-owned business, further securing Ocean Alexander’s position as one of the top-selling brands for large yachts in the US. So for those wanting to get in on the action, one of the superyacht builder’s top team, Dan Mundy, Head of Global Distribution, Marketing, Service and Dealer Development, shares an insight into the firm’s success and top tips on how to become an Ocean Alexander owner.

The Ocean Alexander 28 Meter Revolution yacht

The demand is strong for new builds right now, and there are a myriad of reasons why. One is that most buyers want to build a yacht that is true to their own style and taste and not to someone else’s – which is why it is important to offer the option to customise designs, as we do with Evan K. Marshall. There are also a few tax strategies that make building a new superyacht more appealing. Plus, these yachts, including Ocean Alexander’s, are built with the latest technology and construction methods giving the owner a future-proof product – which is essential in today’s fast-moving world.

The vertical bow on the 26R is made to expand interior living spaces

Many in the industry enjoyed a healthy and robust 2021. Although Ocean Alexander chooses not to promote or project company data for publication, I can confirm that we have seen double-digit growth. Like most builders in the industry, we were pleasantly surprised by the huge demand for our products that led to us selling out our entire field inventory at all of our retail locations. As a result, we thought it would be difficult for 2022’s figures to compare! However, we have started the year with the same momentum as we did in 2021, and we are currently sold out of most models well into 2023 and beyond, meaning that we are now welcoming bookings for some models during the later part of 2023 onwards.

Ocean Alexander 27R, to be debuted during the Palm Beach International Boat Show 2022

Our three new models are already selling fast merely five months after we debuted them at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October 2021. The display was one of our best and showed the diversity in our current range – so much so that we won Best in Show for the new 35R which gained us even more sales momentum. Our next debut will be in March during the Palm Beach International Boat Show, where we will present the 27R. To keep up with demand, we are continuing to offer quick turnaround times thanks to the efficiency of our four environmentally-friendly factories in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

There are exciting new possibilities for European clients, as we are seeing an unprecedented level of new interest in Europe and are set to deliver the third 35R to the European market in July 2022. The majority of Ocean Alexander’s fleet lies in North America and Australia. However, we are continuing to develop new strategies to keep up our global expansion, particularly as we see numerous yards in Europe building similar designs which makes us feel that the Ocean Alexander yacht is positively different in comparison. Ocean Alexander yachts offer increased volumes and flexible spaces that compel owners to imagine new ways to enjoy time at sea. So far, we have received great feedback from our preliminary focus groups which is very encouraging. Furthermore, we are seeing many brands now replicating some of our signature styling and features, which is very humbling.

On board the Ocean Alexander 30R

The new 27R can be seen during the Palm Beach International Boat Show from March, 24, and arrangements can be made to visit other new debut models currently in use by their owners via private appointment. For any requests or to find out more about Ocean Alexander’s products and any available build slots from 2023, contact the company directly here.

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