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Inside a resident’s apartment on board the 196m The World

3 August 2022

Just like any modern luxury condominium or private superyacht, the only fixed element of a home on board the world’s largest private residential yacht, The World, is the square footage. Beyond that, residents of The World can redesign and customise as much as they want to make their apartment feel like their own.

The World is not like a cruise ship or a small yacht, where guests have little cabins and will sit in the public areas all day just to give themselves space,” explains The World’s Residential Director Andy Dinsdale. “You’ll never get that feeling of it being overcrowded here, because our residents have beautiful homes and they want to spend time in them.”

With 165 private apartments on board owned by 150 families from about 20 countries, residents discover how those living on this 196.35 metre yacht make The World truly feel like home.

Custom-designed apartments

There are 12 different styles of homes spread throughout The World’s 12 decks, starting from studios and progressing to three-bedroom apartments spanning 301 square metres. The interior of the yacht was designed by Petter Yran and Bjørn Storbraaten, in collaboration with five original designers who worked on the interiors and apartments. Each designer of the apartments has a distinctive style; TNT Milan apartments feature yellow wood finishes, for example, while Nina Campbell-styled residences are more floral and homespun. 

Once a resident purchases an apartment they can design, renovate and decorate their home in their own unique style with the help of their preferred designers – those who have styled apartments on board The World have included List GC, Jenan Interior Design, Nordic studio Luttenberger Design, AD Associates Design, YSA Designs and Interiors Idea. Over the years multiple owners have chosen to carry out refurbishments, including combining apartments, adding to the range of available configurations.

For residents planning home alterations, there are two refurbishment slots a year and many chose to schedule works during The World’s dry dock period every three years. In 2022, 62 residents had their apartments renovated and restyled to create their dream home on board. 


Another way that residents choose to add personal touches to their place on board The World is by expressing their tastes through artwork. Paintings and sculptures purchased by the residents adorn the yacht’s common spaces, while each home has a wall space directly opposite the front door where residents can hang a piece of art to personalise the welcome area. During the ship’s recent dry dock in Cadiz, Spain, 12 new art installations were received from world-renowned Saatchi, Grimaldis, and Artsy Galleries representing artists from Venezuela, Romania, Japan, Israel and the United States.

The Jensens, an American-Austrian couple who have owned a home on board The World for more than 15 years, have decorated their apartment with items from their global travels. Their living room is decorated with a glass and wood sculpture from Bali and other exotic memorabilia from their extensive travels, while a Japanese Fusuma door decorated with oriental imagery is featured in the master bedroom.

Residents chose the view

The World’s adventurous cruising itinerary has seen the superyacht traverse the globe from Antarctica to the North Pole and everywhere in between, calling in at over 1,000 ports in over 120 countries. “We are essentially a floating luxury condominium. On board The World, you can travel and take your home with you. So there’s no jet lag, and minimal customs and immigration inconveniences,” explains long-time resident and itinerary committee chairman Mr Jensen.

Not only does this mean that the ever-changing apartment views on The World satisfy residents’ wanderlust, but the sights seen out of the windows of The World are chosen by residents themselves. Itineraries are mapped out by a committee formed by residents, the two Captains and the company’s itinerary planning department and then voted for by everyone else who lives on board. Being a resident on The World means you have a say in where this superyacht cruises and the experiences that can be undertaken at each destination.

Even though there is a set itinerary, residents can easily choose to leave the ship when it suits them, with crew able to arrange all transportation necessary. “The lovely thing is that we stay in each place for a few days and we can either go out, or not go out, or book a tour, or go further inland and meet the ship at the next port,” Mrs Jensen adds.

You can host friends and family on board

“Just like in a private home or on a yacht, you can invite your friends and family to stay,” explains The World’s Dinsdale. As residents average three to four months (combined) on board during the year, they have the option of participating in The World’s guest stay programme whereby their unoccupied residence can be used by guests visiting other residents who require more space to accommodate the entire group. The guest stay programme is also available by invitation only to potential residents who would like to sample the experiences and unique lifestyle of The World before investing in an apartment.

Private chefs

There are plenty of options for food and drink on board The World, with four fine-dining restaurants and plenty more casual eateries and bars offering delicacies influenced by itinerary destinations. But for inspired residents wanting something not on the menu, The World constantly changes the dining experience by inviting guest chefs on board. Notable chefs who have boarded The World as she cruises close to shore have included multi-Michelin star holders Curtis Duffy of Chicago, Kiko Moya of Alicante, Suriname-born Soenil Bahadoer and northern European chefs Jonas Andre Navik, Viki Geunes and Silvio Nickol.

For residents who want to host a party with a specific menu in mind, The World can offer residents a private culinary experience in their home. One time Mrs Jensen used the private chef service was when The World was in Russia as she wanted to taste an authentic beef stroganoff served by local chefs. What she describes as a “very memorable dinner” was completed with a silver-service dining setup organised entirely by The World’s crew, who serve residents in the same capacity as yacht crew and private home staff.

A small selection of homes on board The World, Residences at Sea are available for resale every year. To learn more about ownership opportunities and the unique residential lifestyle of this one-of-a-kind mega yacht, contact The World’s Residential Advisor by calling +1 954 538 8449 / +44 20 7 572 1231 or clicking here. For more information visit aboardtheworld.com.