Introducing Che Bella Vita, the exciting new sailing yacht from beiderbeck designs

The 65ft mega-daysailor is a mix between a finn and a contender dinghy but on a larger scale, sailed with only a 150m electrically unrolled mainsail and boasting an all-around sheer rail so there’s no requirement for fenders. It aims to be hassle-free and easy to manoeuvre with features such as the steering wheel controlling the double rudder system hidden underdeck, which can be pivoted to either leeward or windward with ease. Trimming the sail can be done via four buttons for effortless control and the bow thruster at the front allows for easy manoeuvring.

Che Bella Vita is light, weighing in at only 15 tonnes, 40% of which is ballast.

“This yacht is truly a daysailor and perfectly suits to our lifestyle collection’’ raves Robert Stark, Founder, Co-owner and CEO of Marinepool – Spirit of the Ocean.

This is evident in the consideration behind the living spaces. The deck has been designed to minimise trip hazards and optimise space for those on board to enjoy the great outdoors from every viewpoint. The result is a spacious deck with plenty of space to move around and entertain onboard the boat with all features centralised including the outdoor seating.

On both sides of the hull, platforms can be lowered for sunbathing or jumping from boat to water and there’s a designated dive board that extends from the rear. The lounging area serves as a point of relaxation in the day with direct access to the subtle cocktail bar for those afternoon cocktails, with the option to take advantage of the onboard LED light show for when things liven up in the evening.

A cabin equipped with bathroom facilities can be found below deck with enough room to host two people.

To find out more about beiderbeck design's Che Bella Vita, visit their website here.

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