Project Galileo²: Inside the biggest catamaran in the world

13 May 2021

Home to a 480-square-metre open-air pool, amphitheatre-style cinema and its very own harbour, Project Galileo² throws the design rule book out of the window.

beiderbeck designs has shown creative flair in this concept, pushing the limits of what is feasible in the superyacht world to create a futuristic style catamaran.

Championing sustainability with the proposed use of methanol propulsion as seen in new-age German research vessels, Project Galileo² also proposes to pioneer geothermal technology onboard.

It goes without saying that there are some standout proposed features on Project Galileo².

Highlights including a vast harbour area withan 80 metre deck complete with all the facilities you would have at a marina such as indoor storage, cranes and lifts. There is also a tender space for up to 25 tenders, toys and submarines.

The proposed onboard entertainment is enough to convince anyone, consisting of a 400 metre swimming pool, an amphitheatre-style outdoor cinema with a retractable roof and the reassuring inclusion of an onboard hospital and helipad makes it all the more inviting.

Project Galileo² can accommodate up to 38 guests, providing them with enough space to entertain and for guests to enjoy privacy throughout the vessel. As for the crew, there's space for up to 75 members of staff.

For more information on Project Galileo² visit beiderbeck designs.