Charter corner: On board Parsifal III with Captain Glenn Shephard

19 March 2021

From island hopping around the BVIs to adventurous transatlantic crossings, charter yacht Parsifal III has plenty of stories to tell. Captain Glenn Shephard takes us on a tour of one of the fastest sailing yachts ever built by Perini Navi...

What makes Parsifal III a great charter yacht?

Parsifal III is one of the fastest sailing yachts built by Perini Navi. She has a modern, timeless open-plan interior that makes her a brilliant yacht for socialising and spending time together with friends, family or for parties. Not only is she spacious inside, but on deck also, with plenty of space to relax, enjoy the views, and soak up the sun. With a wide range of towable toys, as well as sea bobs and sailing dinghies, time on the water can be enjoyed by all, in any way you choose.

What is your favourite feature and why does it work well for charter guests?

Our ability to customise the guest dining experience. We have a range of choices, from the saloon to the swim platform where guests can dip their toes in the water, as well as various dining configurations including al fresco dining on the flybridge under a canopy. Guests can pick whatever view and place they want and we can make it happen.

What type of charter is Parsifal III best suited to?

Families or groups of friends. With her versatile cabin layout, we have the option of splitting the master cabin into two cabins, and optional Pullman berths, we can arrange whatever layout will suit the guests best.

What is your most memorable charter moment on board Parsifal III?

It is difficult to pick one, after so many amazing years of chartering on Parsifal III. However, one of my favourites was our Atlantic-crossing charter where we sailed from Sint Maarten, via the BVI’s to Bermuda, before heading across to the Azores, Portugal and finally finishing in Gibraltar. We had guests that wanted the magical experience of sailing the Atlantic, and that’s just what we provided them.

My other choice would have to be our three month charter, where we took our guests all around The Mediterranean, starting in Portofino, and sailing to the Eastern Mediterranean and Greece. The landscape and choice of so many islands over there, leaves us with so many opportunities to create special and exciting moments for our guests, it really was a pleasure.

Where is your favourite charter destination and why?

The British Virgin Islands are a very special chartering location that I enjoy. The islands create exceptional conditions that enable us to sail fast, in calm waters, while island hopping. There we reached our top speed under sail, in just such conditions, where we touched 17 knots. It was an exciting moment for all of us on board.

Personally, I adore The Bahamas. With stunning shades of blue, and white sand beaches everywhere you look, as well as numerous small uninhabited islands, it is easy to carve out an exclusive guest experience with the utmost privacy.

How does Parsifal III go the extra mile for charter guest?

Our passionate and friendly crew, strive to provide the ultimate experience for every guest, no matter what the request; nothing is too great or too small.