Custom Line

Platinum Exhibitor

Ever true to its original vocation, Custom Line has built a fleet of timeless yachts with a special focus on the bespoke.

A perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, ingenious functional solutions, and exquisite, unmistakable design, every Custom Line creation is a unique work of art.

Each Custom Line is a tailor-made boat that reflect the owner’s personality, their thirst for the horizon, their own way of living the sea. Every Custom Line yacht is a masterpiece with a unique story to tell.

Custom Line was founded in 1996 to create a range of yachts in composite materials individually made for highly demanding clients. The result is a fleet of planing boats and semi-displacement boats from 28 metres in length with an array of personalised solutions. The idea is to give free rein to the personality of those who love to experience the sea, wave after wave. Some people see a line on the horizon; we see a world ripe for exploration. Custom Line has been synonymous with pleasure yachts of supreme innovation, design and functionality for over two decades, with a seagoing fleet of over 250 boats worldwide.

Custom Line Navetta 42

41.8 m |   10 guests

Navetta 37

37.04 m |   20 guests

Custom Line Navetta 33

33 m |   20 guests

Custom Line 106'

32.82 m |   10 guests

Navetta 30

28.43 m |