From My Portfolio: Cristiano Gatto shares design secrets of 50m Heesen Home

29 December 2020

Home is a hybrid yacht, so when we approached the project we tried to develop a design consistent with its eco-friendly attitude. The owner’s brief was for an easy and clean design that matched his lifestyle and which prioritised the natural landscape outside of the yacht. The resulting interior has a pared-back nature that allows the views to take centre stage. We discarded convention, stripping away all unnecessary decorative elements and focusing on what really needed to be there. However, what may look simple at first glance, on closer inspection reveals a great deal of detail and complexity: it’s not about the lack of illustrative elements, but rather the careful choice of where and how to use them.

Images courtesy of David Churchill

We didn’t want to stick solely to functional design, so in the main saloon we also included a contemporary stainless-steel lounge chair by Franco Poli, which stands out in its surroundings. Loose furniture in deep red and burgundy catches the eye and juices up the design. The overall colour scheme, however, balances the yacht’s design and helps it to breathe. The two-tone palette features no less than 14 hues of white. It took a great deal of research, looking at how specific materials reflect the light to get the desired shades; the fabrics, leathers and lacquered surfaces, for instance, are ice white to contrast with the warmth of teak.

Creating a space that is at once rich and simple, linear and complex was a challenge, but the uncompromising design cleanliness throughout the yacht creates a fresh and relaxing atmosphere.”