Meet The Legends: Disdale, Winch and Heywood Return for Part Two

Missed part one? You can catch up with the first episode of our three-part series here. Stay tuned for part two which will debut exclusively at the Virtual BOAT Show on Monday, September 28 at 5pm BST.

There are few bigger names in superyachting than Andrew Winch, Terry Disdale and Tim Heywood. The three designers are responsible for some of the most iconic yachts ever built – and today occupy a lofty status in the industry.

But how did they get their starts? What was it like to work for the legendary Jon Bannenberg? How do they think the superyacht industry has changed over the years? And what are their hopes and expectations for the future?

To answer these questions – and many more – we gathered all three of them together earlier this year for a lengthy video interview filmed in Disdale's back garden. The three-part series will air exclusively as part of the Autumn/Winter edition of the Virtual BOAT Show.

Disdale, the first of the three to start working in yacht design, recalls walking into Bannenberg's studio in the late 1960s without an appointment but with a huge portfolio of drawings, at which Bannenberg took one look and said: "When do you want to start?"

Of these three designers, Heywood worked with Bannenberg the longest before branching off on his own and describes his former mentor as always "cool and calm, with a wonderful way of putting you at ease".    

Winch, meanwhile, was the last to join Bannenberg's famous Chelsea studio, and says "when I got to the door, it was like walking into a toyshop of imagination. I couldn't believe a place like this existed."    

Part two will debut exclusively at the Virtual BOAT Show on Monday, September 28 at 5pm BST.