Meet The Legends: Catch up on all Three Episodes Here

19 October 2020

The third episode of the Meet the Legends three-part interview is now available to listen as episode 13 of the BOAT Briefing podcast

In the latest episode of BOAT Briefing we bring you the third and final part in a special interview series with design icons Andrew Winch, Terry Disdale and Tim Heywood

Earlier this year we sat down with the trio to discuss everything from their starts in the business to what the future holds for superyacht design. The first two parts are also available now – so don't miss this opportunity to hear directly from three of yachting's biggest names.

Episode 1

In the first episode in this three-part interview series, superyacht design icons Heywood, Disdale and Winch discuss their starts in the business, and what it was like working in the studio of the legendary Jon Bannenberg. 

Episode 2

In the second episode, Heywood, Disdale and Winch discuss how the industry has changed since they started in the business with Jon Bannenberg, and identify the game-changing yachts that have helped define the discipline of superyacht design. 

Episode 3

In the concluding episode of the series, Heywood, Disdale and Winch cast their minds forward to predict what the future holds for the superyacht industry – how the green agenda is reshaping yacht design, what influence technology is having on the industry and whether superyachts can get much bigger.

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