How virtual reality is changing the design process in yachting

4 May 2021

Videoworks is revolutionising yacht design with the help of virtual reality

Videoworks has revealed a new virtual reality tool that will see designs come to life before a boat even begins construction. The new 'Lighting Engineering' tool will enable shipyards and interior designers to plan, anticipate and adapt lighting solutions in situ during the design phase, without setting foot on board.

“We will be able to offer the owner an interactive and dynamic 3D view of every part of the interiors through a viewer similar to those used for the most advanced video games,” explains Leo Megna, head of lighting and comfort projects at Videoworks. The 3D viewer will invite both owner and designer to view a simulation of the lighting choices on board, bringing rooms to life "exactly as they will be once they have been built.”

The opportunity to play with lighting in the early stages of design allows designers to view the interior concept as a whole and fine-tune lighting design decisions accordingly. "Different lighting scenarios are optimised and then proposed to the owner, who will have an incredibly realistic view of the various rooms thanks to a 3D viewer," explains Megna. "This will allow for all the details to be worked out before they are actually built.”

Lighting designers will now be able to intervene in real-time to evaluate and verify changes in the diameter of the light cones, the colour temperature and other variables in the definition of a lighting system, minimising any drastic changes that may be required during final outfitting.

The new 3D 'Lighing Engineering' system will also allow a shipyard or architecture firm to work in closer collaboration with Videoworks on a project and watch each of their design choices come to life in a single moving frame. 

The 'Lighting Engineering' system is developed in partnership with Eon Reality, a leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR), and a team of technicians at Videoworks are already working on future implementations of the system, such as creating 3D visions of exterior environments.

Videoworks, whose recent projects include Rossinavi's 49-metre EIV  and 55-metre Severin°s, is a market leader in the installation of audio-visual technology, entertainment systems and lighting. This leap into the world of virtual reality allows Videoworks to cement its position as an innovator and pioneer in onboard technology solutions.