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The world is going electric and the marine industry is no exception. 

e-Motion is the only supplier of standardised hybrid propulsions systems that fit into the existing engine room of all serial production yachts from 50-220 feet, allowing owners to reap the benefits of hybrid power without altering traditional diesel direct shaft propulsion.

e-Motion is the brainchild of Italian-born Michele Maggi, an avid fisherman, PADI Rescue scuba diver, and boat enthusiast with 80 years and three generations of marine propulsion experience. With a diesel-electric engine, the two systems work in tandem to offer an environmentally sound solution to superyacht propulsion that doesn't compromise on comfort or performance.

The benefits of hybrid propulsion are tenfold. Fuel consumption and engine hours are significantly reduced while annual CO2 emissions are diminished by up to 50%, so owners can cruise with a clean conscience. More importantly, though, owners will benefit from an enhanced quality of life on board, with hybrid power granting the highest standards in terms of noise and vibration reduction. In Zero Emissions Mode guests can enjoy the sea and swim platform without noxious exhaust fumes hanging in the air, while the hotel load can run without the need for humming generators. Other benefits of the e-Motion hybrid propulsion system include:

  • International worldwide shore power compatibility
  • Increased performance through Power Boost Mode
  • Fast batteries charging: 90% charge in only 35 minutes or less
  • Higher resale value of the vessel
  • Maintenance-free. Only the dedicated water cooling pumps require service

With 15,000 marine engines sold to date, serving the likes of Tankoa's award-winning Bintador and Sanlorenzo SL106, hybrid propulsion is here to stay. Find out which propulsion package suits you below...

"There is no question, the electric world is coming and boatbuilders need to be aware" - Massimo Perotti, President and CEO of Sanlorenzo Yachts