How submarines helped to film these TV shows

9 June 2021

Having already established that submersibles have fast become the coolest piece of kit to have on board, we move on to explore why some of the world’s best filmmakers and directors have turned to subs to help capture the action.

Triton has adapted its product not only for thrilling dives to the depths, but for science, film and discovery. Those who film underwater often take two subs, one to light the subject and one to film (lighting and filming from the same angle doesn’t make for great footage). That’s why the Triton 13000/2 comes with two gull wings that fold up and out, to allow filming and lighting to happen at the same time.

Similar functionality was used on board a Triton 3300/3 to film the BBC documentary Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough which aired in 2015. The team mounted an array of equipment to the submersible, including 4K cameras, 360° Virtual Reality cameras, lighting rigs and more. As a result, OceanX, Atlantic Productions and the BBC recovered extensive footage of the Great Barrier Reef and achieved a record-breaking dive.

Also, Triton’s Professional Submersibles feature fine-grain control which enables smooth, controlled camera moves that can pick up the tiniest details in macro quality. Plus, their industry-leading dependability allows these subs to be used for expeditions that can last for months on end in the world’s most remote locations.

A fine example of how a Triton’s stamina and performance was tested can be seen in the popular series Blue Planet II. As the most-watched UK series of the year, Blue Planet II was filmed largely from a Triton 3300/3 equipped with state-of-the-art 8K cameras. The crews spent more than 500 hours of recorded dive time to complete the series, capturing never before seen species in their natural habitat.

The likes of National Geographic and the Discovery Channel have also used Triton submarines to uncover the Titanic, and host Shark Week respectively. What was produced benefitted from the submarine’s extremely high level of visibility. The submarine’s premium-grade, optically perfect acrylic offers the clearest view for those who want the most intimate connection with our ocean. All of this is further certified by a third-party Classification Society before any submarine is delivered.

It’s little wonder Triton’s Professional submersibles are the tools of choice for demanding filmmakers and documentarians working subsea.