Yacht Controller: How does it work?

26 December 2020

How a humble handheld device revolutionised the yachting industry...

No matter the size, bringing a boat into its berth is always a hair-raising exercise, even for the most experienced of captains. The Yacht Controller is an industry gamechanger designed to put owners at ease with precision manoeuvring making even the smallest slip a breeze.

The wireless remote fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and allows operators to control the movement of the boat from anywhere on board. The keypad was created by Porsche with distinctive, ergonomic buttons so that users can identify each command control without have to divert their line of sight from the vessel or its surroundings when docking. The keypad is made to last with silicone membranes rated for over 250,000 clicks and it’s even water submersible (and floats, just in case).

The handheld device is packed with safety features including a dedicated command and engage button to ensure the safe transfer of power from the bridge, with acoustic signals so operators know when the system is activated, engaged or disengaged. The wireless remote also runs off two channel frequencies at the same time, so in the case of one channel being interrupted by rogue signals, the controller will simply switch to the other without a hitch.

The Yacht Controller is easy to install on board without removing or bypassing any of the existing electronic systems installed by the shipbuilder. Instead, the controller connects to engines and thrusters via a proprietary plug and play interface.

The Yacht Controller has proven its mettle over the past 16 years and has been installed on over 18,000 yachts to date, becoming one of the most trusted pieces of equipment in the marine industry.