Where to go wild cruising this summer

9 August 2021

Intrepid yachts that are willing to venture well off the beaten track are rewarded with the world’s vast wilderness and remarkable experiences such as intimate wildlife encounters to rugged landscapes that seem from another world. Some of these expedition destinations are surprisingly close to normal cruising grounds and require only a short deviation. Wherever in the world you want to travel, whether a culturally rich or wild destination, EYOS Expeditions can take you there.

Arctic Svalbard and Greenland

After just a few days at sea, a superyacht can reach Arctic Svalbard and Greenland easily from North America or Europe. The long days of the Arctic summer are a time where the icebound lands come alive with birds, flowers and animals. There can be polar bears, walrus and puffins, and in Greenland, opportunity to meet and learn about the Inuit people. Those cruising this area can expect to see fjords choked with icebergs, geothermal springs or tumbling glaciers in protected fjords.

Alaska, Bering Sea and Russia

Surprisingly close to civilisation lie wild and uninhabited islands teeming with life. Amongst these islands and nearby fishing villages and beaches, seals, whales and seabirds can be seen from the deck of a superyacht. With neighbouring volcanoes, the weather-beaten coastlines of Alaska, the Bering Sea, and the Russian Far East have great potential for exploration by sea during the summer season.

Northwest Passage and Arctic Canada

To join the small group of vessels that have accomplished the legendary Northwest Passage, a superyacht must be prepared for the ultimate expedition in one of the most historic and rewarding places on the planet. With only a narrow window when ice conditions allow transit attempts, yachts sail through grand fjords surrounded by towering mountain barriers. Taking advantage of the long daylight hours, the EYOS staff will search pack ice for signs of narwhales, walrus and polar bears, and coordinate excursions onto high cliffs or further inland from onboard helicopters. EYOS has unmatched expertise in the Northwest Passage, with its staff having participated in over 10% of all Northwest Passage transits.

South Pole and Deep Antarctic Logistics

While Antarctica can only be visited in the austral summer, it is possible to arrive deep in the 7th Continent on a private, chartered flight. Emperor penguin colonies can be spotted along with Antarctica’s highest peak, Vinson Massif. Once at camp, ice caves, mountain climbing and unworldly memorable landscapes can be explored before heading to the South Pole. For the ultimate experience, combine the South Pole with a yacht expedition along the Antarctic Peninsula, a combination pioneered by EYOS and its partner agent MayaMaya in 2020.

Melanesia, Micronesia and Indonesia

Cruising through Indonesia, Melanesia and Micronesia offers extraordinary experiences on land and sea. The vast Pacific ocean creates a tremendous variety in potential expeditions, making this one of the most exciting and diverse regions to explore by sea. Home to the greatest marine diversity anywhere on the planet, the diving is phenomenal and pristine. On land, there’s the opportunity to watch Komodo dragons, see whale sharks in Raja Ampat, visit the isolated tribes of Papua New Guinea or witness the spectacle of land diving (an early form of bungee jumping) in the Solomon Islands.

British Islands

While not widely thought of as an expedition destination, the remote western coast of Scotland is one of the most surprising cruising grounds for adventurous yachts. Here, guests will find exceptional opportunities to escape and revel in unspoiled landscapes without having to travel far from civilisation. Towering mountain cliffs teem with birdlife, epic hikes follow dramatic coastlines, and superb wildlife watching opportunities abound.