The Carrara Marble Collection

Every marble slab is unique, particularly Carrara, as every single vein is individual marking imparted by nature, there is nothing else like it in the world. This natural stone has infinite nuances and properties, is surprisingly light and is ostensibly cold, but unexpectedly warm.

This wonder of great beauty is enhanced and shared by Franchi Umberto Marmi, through the company’s particular selection process for every piece of marble, including these three variations of the Carrara marbles, which are the most valuable marbles excavated in the first quarries bought by Umberto Franchi:

Statuario Franchi

Statuario Franchi marble, extracted in the Bettogli quarries, is a natural stone of great value. With a bright white background, it is drawn by large gray veins. Its ethereal elegance makes it a timeless product, capable of giving rooms a luxurious character of great aesthetic value. Suitable for use on flooring, cladding, but also in more futuristic applications, it can be combined with black and coloured marbles, lending itself to many types of combinations. Uniformity and compactness also make it ideal for use in design and sculpture projects.

Grigio Collemandina

Grigio Collemandina marble is a natural stone extracted in the area of Villa Collemandina, in the province of Lucca. It has a very elegant homogeneous background with a warm gray hue, often mixed with a hint of tobacco brown. Thin white streaks run along its surface creating a dense and very diluted texture that does not predominate on the overall surface. The warm colour of its background makes it a sophisticated marble, ideal in both classic and modern interior design projects.

Calacatta Franchi

Quarried in the Bettogli quarries, Calacatta Franchi marble is a precious natural stone synonymous with contemporaneity. Its ivory background, furrowed by sinuous dove-gray veins, gives it a soft and sophisticated nuance. These neutral shades make it a marble that can be easily combined with marbles of other colours, from brown to coloured. Inside, fragments of pyrite distinguish its origin. With a fine grain and limestone background, Calacatta is ideal for indoor use on floors or walls, bathroom and kitchen furnishings and also for use in design furnishings.

Calacatta Extra