Luca Dini designs exclusive marble furniture for superyachts

13 July 2021

After 50 years as a leader in marble creations, Franchi Umberto Marmi (FUM) was established enough to delve into the art world and collaborate with some of the most important designers in the world – including superyacht designer Luca Dini – for numerous outstanding installations. Because of this, the company was able to branch out with a Home Design division.

In this department, the FUM marble connoisseurs create unique furniture collections where marble is not only used for floors or walls, but for contemporary furniture for indoor and outdoor spaces of exclusive villas, hotels, and superyachts.

The pieces designed by Luca Dini were conceived specifically for the luxury nautical world and are fine examples of how natural stone can be combined with precious metals and fabrics to become majestic furnishings also suitable for indoor environments. Each slab of marble used for the furniture is different and comes with its very own veins and colour intensity – all of which contributes to the uniqueness of every single piece.

The marble furniture collections are a showcase of the creativity of the company architects and designers and the innovative vision of Franchi Umberto Marmi. The team is also involved in the continuing research and development of new technologies that allow the production of marble at the Franchi Umberto Marmi facility in Carrara to be facilitated to a high standard.

The design pieces within Franchi Umberto Marmi’s Home Design by Luca Dini cover two collections called Spheric and Cubic. These collections feature geometric shapes with minimal lines, customisable elements and impressive furnishing accessories. The Carrara marble is combined with precious fabrics and finishes, whereas the Calacatta Franchi and Grigio Collemandina marble are enhanced by different wood essences with elegant metal details. Together with Franchi Umberto Marmi, Luca Dini was involved in the continuous search for balance between lightness and body, important volumes and sinuous shapes to create the entire collection.