50 years in the business: How Franchi Umberto Marmi became a leading yacht supplier

11 August 2021

In 1971, Franchi Umberto Marmi’s creative thinking brought life to his self-named company and now, 50 years on, here's how a small trading opportunity grew into a large-scale supply network.

Having started as a sole trader of marble slabs in the company’s early years, Umberto was soon able to invest in multiple marble quarries which now produce the many FUM collections, including the home design collections: Bettogli, Mattis, Ritagli and Volo, plus the Cubic and Spheric designed by Luca Dini Design and Architecture.

Each collection is created in a way that represents the “beauty and exclusivity of this incredible natural stone”. Named after Umberto’s children, Alberto and Bernarda who now run the business, the Calacatta, Bianco Gioia and Statuario collections are the core of the business. The family maintains a business philosophy with the same values and ethics and spirit of innovation that their father used to launch the company.

This deep-rooted philosophy has led the family to a successful position and the introduction of the Franchi Umberto Marmi company onto the AIM market of the Italian Stock Exchange. “The company has grown, and tradition and innovation have become one. However, there is something that has always remained the same: the desire to share the message of incredibly unique and timeless beauty, and the beauty of nature,” the family comment.