Why choose a gym designer for a superyacht?

21 January 2021

Gyms and wellness are as central now in superyacht design as the ubiquitous swimming pool on the aft deck. Discerning yacht owners and well-heeled charter guests are mindful of their health and accustomed to the very best equipment and service. So it makes sense to seek expert advice to get this vital area of the boat right, according to Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors founder Edward Thomas. “A gym designer can actually save time and money in the long run, all while ensuring that the facilities reach the highest standards,” he says.

Space planning

When you’re paying by the gross tonne, every square metre of space on board a yacht has to earn its keep. Hiring a good gym designer can ensure that early drafts of the boat’s layout offer a space that is usable and fit for purpose. Their experience of other similar installations can be invaluable, too, speeding up the design stages and avoiding costly pitfalls. They should be able to work with CAD drawings of the boat to optimise space use.

Get the right equipment

With a broad overview of the gym equipment market and experience of what works in tight installations, a gym designer can also remove a lot of guesswork. “Designers can work with numerous brands, and won’t be limited to a single key supplier,” says Thomas. “Expect them to be able to recommend the best kit for any situation.” Machines with small footprints are obviously popular, as well as multi-system machines that combine several functions and those that can be folded away when not in use. Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors is also used to a range of different materials and finishes, and can advise on what works best with limited headroom, for instance, or in a saltwater environment.

Custom built

A top-notch designer will be familiar with the luxury sphere and have pedigree when it comes to sourcing unique equipment or developing bespoke solutions. That means matching rare materials, colours and themes that appear around the yacht to ensure that the gym is every bit as unique and impressive as the other spaces on board. In Gym Marine’s case, there is already an extensive range of customisable equipment, and the team is always available to discuss bespoke requirements.

Tomorrow’s technology

Gym equipment is constantly improving thanks to technological and scientific developments. A good wellness designer will have relationships with equipment manufacturers that allow them to advise clients on the latest trends and forthcoming launches. “We know that clients want to have the best on the market, and we can do the legwork for them,” says Thomas. His technicians will also ensure that equipment is compatible with a client’s favoured smart devices and set it all up in situ so that it’s ready for use.

Right on track

Gym equipment is constantly improving thanks to technological and scientific developments. When you work with an experienced gym designer, they will be able to slot seamlessly into this process, lightening the load on the project management team. Where deadlines are particularly tight, the designer can save time by handling the orders from across multiple suppliers and even advise on the brands with the shortest lead times.

After-sales support

Fix problems and handle warranty issues more quickly when there is a gym designer involved. “Our service doesn’t end when the yacht is commissioned,” says Thomas. “We’ll be there to support a client months and years down the line.”

Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors offer free consultations and CAD drawings, to book a meeting with their team of gym design experts, contact them below.