The all-new sustainable gym for superyachts of the future

1 June 2021· Laura Nicholls

There's a new company on the yachting scene. One that has been inspired to focus on offering superyachts a bespoke and sustainable gym.

Paragon Studio has been launched with a brand-new collection of customisable gym products made with sustainable and natural materials to fill the gap in the market for those who want their own onboard wellness experience reminiscent of a high-end boutique gym or health club. 

As seen in the UK-based firm’s latest superyacht gym concept alongside NOHrD cardio equipment, items such as benches, barbells, dumbbells, wall bars, boxing equipment, exercise rollers, skipping ropes, push-up bars and plyo boxes can be made and housed in bespoke storage solutions to fit any area on board.

Also, the Paragon Studio collection can be custom-made with matching colours, finishes, patterns, logos, monograms and materials to keep in with the theme of any superyacht’s interior design and style. The materials are all plastic-free and manufactured in the UK and Europe to ensure the company has the lowest carbon footprint and the smallest amount of waste possible.

The wood featured on the gym equipment is all FSC certified, locally sourced where possible and designed to ensure all users have the perfect grip at all times. Other standout aspects of these materials are their antibacterial properties, easy maintenance and warm-to-touch surfaces – all ideal qualities for a perfect five-star gym.

The company has also innovated a hard-wearing stainless steel sourced from recycled steel billets that can be made with 316 Marine Grade steel components for use on superyachts.

Paragon Studio now has a full range of wood and metal samples available for dispatch to yacht designers and their clients to review. The build-your-own dumbbell sample boxes are also available on loan for limited periods. For more details, contact the team directly via their website here.