Yacht design: How Feadship's 75m Arrow hit the bulls-eye

13 August 2021

After 25 years in business, Arrow, was H2 Yacht Design's first design for Feadship. With elegant, sculpted shapes that comes together in a clean design punctuated by a razor-sharp bow, the 75-metre superyacht has a sophisticated look that makes it hard to believe that she’s the owners’ first ever boat.

At her christening in January 2020, Feadship director Henk de Vries called Arrow “a trailblazer for a new and groundbreaking line of super-luxurious boats in this length…a cutting-edge design that is very much the face of this period of the 21st century.

“She is also an exceptional family yacht, quite possibility the best we have ever completed,” he said – high praise indeed from one of the world’s top builders.

Jonny Horsfield, who led the H2 design process, wanted to create a “contemporary, fresh” profile. “The surfacing and shapes of the yacht are quite complex, but clean and flowing at the same time,” he says. “We’re fortunate Arrow’s owner didn’t want too much superstructure so there wasn’t pressure to use every square foot of the interior.”

The absence of the typical top deck also gave Horsfield and his team the latitude to create a sleek uncluttered profile. “We’ve designed some accommodation hidden in the upper arch, so they can still use the upper deck,” he explains. “But it’s a more subtle design than you see on most yachts her size.”

Low glass railings accentuate the yacht’s sleek lines, and high deck heights and expansive passageways make for an outstandingly spacious feel. From the top deck with its bespoke mosaic-lined Jacuzzi to the lower deck’s sensational beach club featuring a truly unique bar area, the intricate outdoor spaces include elaborately detailed premium furniture with backlit marble and varnished teak – the type of finish normally associated with the interior.

The owners must have been inspired by H2’s design when they chose the yacht’s name. Horsfield thought it was apt: “It suits the overall styling, especially the way the windows are shaped and move forward into the pointed hull,” he says. “We even created a logo for it that looks like an abstract arrowhead.”

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