Where to use electricity while at berth

14 September 2021

This year, MB92 Barcelona has managed to reduce its entire CO2 emissions by approximately 9,000,000kg – the equivalent of 363,700 trees or 2,000 hectares of underwater forest.

Thanks to the firm’s five-year sustainability plan and berth electrification project, work began on improving direct emissions back in 2012 and eight years later, the initiative was officially launched. Now with all of the MB92 Barcelona facilities electrified, the refit company and its clients are more than reaping the rewards.

As yachts of all sizes visit the MB92 Group’s facilities in Barcelona and La Ciotat, all those on board can now connect directly to the electricity network from 100% renewable sources while berthed or on the hardstanding. By doing so, this removes the need to run on generators and reduces emissions significantly.

The plan has also made it possible for MB92 to reduce its entire NOx and particle matter emissions, naturally reducing the company’s carbon footprint and the need for diesel consumption in the port. Complementing the green electricity coming from the grid, the on-site photovoltaic panels are producing power for any other required needs.